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The Hole in the Ground (2019): A Review

Hole in the Ground

The Hole in the Ground is a Riveting Horror Mystery

Thanks to Lee Cronin, a hole in the ground is no longer merely a reference to a hollow pocket within a patch of land. Instead, The Hole in the Ground is a riveting horror mystery.

The Epicenter of the Feature

The film focuses on a little boy named Chris (James Quinn Markey) and his mother, Sarah (Seána Kerslake), a family in transition. Not long after their move into a new home, things shift. The little boy his mama knows and cherishes gradually transforms into someone or something unrecognizable. And the journey is a nightmare.

A Family in Transition

Sarah and Chris are in transition. Not only are they moving, but subtle hints show an abrupt exit from a painful past. Shifts are not uncommon in life, especially after significant life alterations. However, Chris’s transition is exponential, indicative of a supernatural influence. And for the mother, it’s pretty jarring. However, despite her misgivings, this is something she can not deny, as all signs are glaring red flags.

An Awakening

Sarah is not as quick-witted as she should be. Perhaps a little too slowly, she realizes something more sinister is behind her son’s transformation. As weird as it may seem, everything points back to the strange, massive, and peculiar pocket in the earth behind her new home — The Hole in the Ground.

Hole in the Ground

Eerie Beginnings

Lee Cronin, who serves as director and co-writer, sets the tone early in the film. Even the opening sequence is a signifier of something dark on the horizon. Both mother and son stand alone in an abandoned amusement park. The mother looks on as her son finds amusement at the distortion of his image in a fun-house mirror. She appears aloof but loving. Then off they go like two desperados leaving behind an empty and abandoned shell of a place. And together, they ride down a long, winding road to somewhere new. They amuse themselves with the conversation, engrossed until encountering a most unsavory roadblock, a harbinger of what lies ahead. And this is only the beginning. 

Cutting Beneath the Surface

The story moves at a gradual place but unfolds nicely. Frame by frame, Cronin adds to the creep factor, building to a crescendo. Uncanny interactions, mysterious happenings, and ominous warnings amplify the terror factor. And the movie never lets up; the story continues to build until it reaches its apex. An hour into the film is like high noon in the most epic of westerns. Sarah makes the ultimate confrontation. The stakes are high, and Sarah almost loses. However, Sarah is intrepid. But her acts of courage are not without a cost. Something in her changes as the result of the incident

An Overall View

The entire cast shines. The backdrop, a lush green countryside in Ireland, is perfect. The story is the most unsettling building from discovery to the finale. So, If you are a horror buff, The Hole in the Ground is undoubtedly a feature to add to your must-watch list. 

Hole in the Ground

The Hole in the Ground (2019) Official A24 Trailer

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