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The Bay (2012): A Review

The Bay

4th of July Horror at its Finest

The Bay is a mid 2010s found footage film following residents from the town of Claridge, Maryland over the 4th of July. The townspeople become mysteriously sick, throwing the town into chaos and action.

The Bay is a fantastic found footage film. Every shot is through a camera of some sort including Skype footage,the news, security footage, and police dashcam footage to name a few. I think that this was a very creative choice and it helps to immerse the viewer in this story.

I like that the news reporter acts as the narrator for the film. She is recounting the events and going through her own footage. We know who lives and dies early on when due to the introductions she gives the people who were there that day. I also find it cool how there is a whole timeline leading up to the events on the 4th of July and we see the characters’ fates.

We follow the news reporter, the oceanographers, the town’s head physician, a little girl who vlogs it all, cops, a couple on a boat, and the local radio station. Their different perspectives from the situation are fun to watch. It adds a layer to the film. I love that The Bay has all these people’s stories all happening at the same time and some do converge or events pass each other. The acting is so good that they all feel like real everyday people from a small town in Maryland who were all just very unfortunate and suffered a tragedy. 

The Bay

A big plot point and driving mystery of The Bay is the source of the sickness. There is a twist and the final explanation is interesting. In addition to the mystery, the movie’s themes and commentary are well done and still relevant. This is eco horror, and that is made clear when both the government and CDC both react very slowly to the crisis and do not want what happened in the town to become public knowledge. Donna is a compelling character because she is a journalist and reporter who wants to document and post everything. 

The ecological threat in the film feels very real. I would say that The Bay is at the very least alarming and a cautionary tale because of the realism. The government not listening and covering up what happened is extremely unsettling. The reporter’s takes and actions feel believable. 

The makeup, visual effects, and practical effects are all incredible. Being a film from 2012, all the body horror looks consistently great and is all very well done. Everything looks real enough to stay convincing. The people in the hospital really look like patients seeking medical treatment. 

The ending of the film is thought provoking. I believe that The Bay was ahead of its time. The fact that it holds up ten years later is impressive. The excuse that is used is very lame. The news reporter was right to leak and upload everything that she did. 

The Bay is a very entertaining found footage body horror thematic film. At some point over the 4th of July weekend, throw it on for a thematic film! The Bay is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

The Bay

The Bay (2012) Official Trailer

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