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Stranger Things, Part Two: A Review

Stranger Things Part Two

Stranger Things Delivers Another Captivating Conclusion

Stranger Things made its epic return this weekend to tie up season four. Although the last two episodes covered a whopping amount of content, it was captivating.

Before the Return of Stranger Things

Before the break, fans learned some interesting background information about El (Millie Bobby Brown), also known as Eleven. As fans now know, Eleven is a moniker and a name assigned to her as part of an experimental group. It is under the thumb of Martin Brenner, aka (Papa), that she and several others with inexplicable powers are groomed.

In season four, El’s origins are not the only thing uncovered. Viewers also learn a lot about Vecna. And Vecna is quite the bad guy with slimy roots throughout this tale. Interestingly, Vecna is also known as one of the super villains in the massive role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, also featured on Stranger Things. Given the use of Vecna’s character within the series, it can be said; that the Duffer Brothers use parallelism masterfully.

The Evil Behind the Upside Down

The Duffer brothers made quite the revelation this season. Not only did they reveal the evil behind The Upside Down but El’s connection to it. It turns out Vecna is a mastermind, and he knows Eleven very well. In fact, they know each other almost too well. It’s almost too much when El discovers who’s been hiding in The Upside Down. Even more surprising is how he got there.

On a Course to Salvation

The race is on to save Hawkins and Eleven’s friends in the second half of season four. The group must overcome several obstacles and the rising action is rather intense. Several themes are explored man vs. man, man vs. self, and man vs. supernatural. Each piece is fully fleshed out in the character-to-character interactions. 

Stranger Things Part Two

On the Edge

The pivotal point of the series is a nail-biter. And just when (by all appearances) everything is over, a significant corrective course of action saves the day. Some amazing and miraculous things happen to turn the tide. Unfortunately, there are always casualties in war.

Fair Weather Conclusion to Stranger Things

Season four ended on a mixed note. Reunions were warming but the future continued to look ominous for Hawkins. Of course, this is not a warm and cozy ending. It indicates there is more to digest in the future, which makes for great entertainment.

Up Ahead

Given the ending of season four and several reports, season five is on the way. The Duffer brothers have indicated that the next season will tie up the character arc of the beloved band of merry adventurers. After that, the focus will shift. Viewers will take a deep dive into The Upside Down. Fans will learn more about its existence and those creatures within the realm, which shall prove interesting. For those die-hard fans, there are rumors of a spinoff beyond talks of season five. 

A Must Watch

Season four of Stranger Things is a definite watch. This series is significant to the furtherance of the plot and helps to fill in many gaps tying together many elements. When time permits, this is one series that will not disappoint.

Stranger Things Part Two

Stranger Things: Part Two (2022) Official Trailer

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