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Run, Hide, Fight (2021): A Review

Run, Hide, Fight

Not Only Does This Film Try to Push an Ideology, It's Also… Not That Great

When you think of classic horror studios, what comes to mind? Blumhouse? A24? Ghosthouse? You probably don’t think of The Daily Wire, and that’s because this company is not primarily a film studio. It is a conservative media company which publishes its content on Facebook, YouTube, and its own website.

Just to get my preconceived bias out of the way, I do not like this company, nor do I like it’s founder Ben Shapiro. If you’re not familiar with him, you may have seen a clip of him on the internet “owning the libs” by saying that trans people shouldn’t exist.

But why do I bring all of this up? The Daily Wire made a movie, shouldn’t I leave my baggage at the door and watch the movie for what it is? And you’re right. That’s exactly what I wanted to do.

Unfortunately, Run, Hide, Fight is very much a product of its company. A dishonest agitprop whose sole purpose is to sell an agenda. But not only is this film trying to push an ideology on you, it’s also… not that great. I’m going to do my best to judge the movie solely based on its merits, but unfortunately, I will have to address the in-your-face messaging the film presents itself with because that seems to be the entire reason it was made.

So what else did I not like about Run, Hide, Fight

The film takes place in a rural town where Zoe (Isabel May) is about to graduate highschool. On senior prank day, a group of students devise a plan to hold the school hostage and do a mass shooting. It’s up to Zoe (and only Zoe, for some reason) to stop the mass shooters and save the school.

Yeah, so you see how it’s almost impossible to talk about this film and not bring up politics? The film is drenched in it.

I almost gave up trying to watch this thing because it’s streaming exclusively on The Daily Wire’s website and behind a paywall. I downloaded a VPN in case it was on any streaming services I already have in other countries, just to see if I could get away with not giving Ben Shapiro $14. But I bit the bullet and watched this movie so you fine people don’t have to. 

Let’s start with some positives so you guys don’t think I’m a liberal shill. The film is shot very competently. So competently in fact, you’d think it was made by a Netflix or a Blumhouse. And for the most part, the performances are very solid. At worst, some of the performances are uninspired. At best, the actors are clearly giving it their all. There’s a vibe that everyone is doing the best they can with the script they have been given.

A notable performance by Eli Brown who plays Tristan, the main antagonist and mastermind behind the whole thing. That man is trying very hard to make this watchable. There are also some half decent moments of tension and some believable make-up/visual effects work. Alright… that’s everything.  

Run, Hide, Fight

The script for this film is incredibly hollow. Run, Hide, Fight tries to incorporate right wing propaganda the way Marvel movies shove in franchising opportunities: Ham fisted and in service to the studio.

The plot is so contrived. This film does not live in reality, but instead, in the mental representation of what right wing think tanks think school is like. The only way this plot can happen, is if this was the first mass shooting to ever happen. But no, this movie came out in 2021! While it’s unfortunate that mass shootings happen, public schools have as many safeguards in place as humanly possible. Security guards, alarms, hell even cellphones!

The film has to actively go out of its way to write around the fact that the main character doesn’t have a phone, that the police can’t get to the scene in time, or that the only security guard is a scared wimp, just to justify the plot to even happen. The most infuriating thing in this movie is that for almost 40 minutes, the rest of the school can’t even hear a mass shooting happening.

A mild spoiler warning, but vans are driving through walls and gunshots are happening in one part of the school, and no one hears this in classrooms over? 

And don’t get me started on the cliche, pretentious dialogue. This film feels like it was written by an angsty kid who saw Joker 2019 and thought “damn… society…”. The character motivations are also wacky. Run, Hide, Fight manages to demonize mentally ill people and LGBT people in fewer lines of throw away dialogue than an early Chaplin film. 

This movie is nothing more than conservative propaganda. “See, thank god a good guy with a gun was there”. Well this movie also accidentally shows us that mentally ill minors can easily get access to firearms. This film actually would have NEVER happened if there was legislation in place to stop the main antagonists from even getting guns in the first place.

This film is just a trite remake of Die Hard and Heathers without any of the charm or originality. I swiftly ended my Daily Wire subscription as soon as the credits rolled, and I’m giving Run, Hide, Fight a 3/10.  

Run, Hide, Fight

Run, Hide, Fight (2021) Official Trailer

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