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Top Five Frankenstein’s Monster

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein is Alive in Many Forms Throughout Film History

By Guillermo Rosario

In 1818, Mary Shelley wrote one of the most influential gothic stories of all time, Frankenstein. The novel follows the mad scientist who created a monster that was an amalgamation of elements using dead body parts and electricity. The story tackles the moral ambiguity of tampering with the natural order along with the nature of monsters.

Frankenstein has generally been misinterpreted as the name of the monster. Instead, the name is meant to be for the aforementioned scientist named Victor Frankenstein, the man responsible for his creation. The monster has since been portrayed as either a tormented being or a vengeful abomination depending on the nature of his creation.

5. The Unseen Danger in The Frankenstein Theory.

In the found footage horror film The Frankenstein Theory, Jonathan Venkenheim goes to the arctic circle with a documentary crew to discover the Frankenstein monster. The reason for this search is due to Johnathon discovering that his ancestor, Johann Venkenhiem could’ve been the original creator and he wanted to find proof of the creature’s existence, with gruesome results.

The monster in the film is very briefly seen and rarely gets a lot of focus until the final 30 minutes when he starts attacking the crew. Based on the brief glimpses in the film, the monster looks similar to the basic Boris Karlof look but covered in animal pelts and only makes growls and roars. The monster in this film is fiercely territorial and will violently attack anyone that encroaches in its area.

4. The Giant Monster in Frankenstein Conquers the World.

This version of the Frankenstein monster is only known as Frankenstein and instead of just being a monstrous flesh golem, is a kaijin. Kaijin are humans that are at the scale of Kaiju like Godzilla. In the Toho film, Frankenstein was a heart that was exposed to radiation from an atomic bomb. The heart grew to be a large human with features similar to the classic Frankenstein monster.

This version of the creature is treated as a monster fighting hero that’s misunderstood by the military until his supposed death fighting in the ocean where pieces of him grew to be the monsters Gaira and Sanda that appear in War of the Gargantuas.

Frankenstein's Monster

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3. The Tragic Mistake in Victor Frankenstein.

Victor Frankenstein follows the aforementioned young scientist as he becomes consumed by the idea to create life or bring back the dead. His struggles and conflicting relationships with the people around him culminate into the creation of the monster named Prometheus by the climax of the film.

Prometheus doesn’t play a large role in the film and reflects Victor’s guilt over the death of his older brother and his obsession in his experiments as his relationships fall apart. The film portrays Prometheus as a wrathful force that attacks anyone in his path, being the final obstacle Victor and Igor need to overcome.

2. The Sympathetic Giant in Van Helsing.

Frankenstein’s monster is a major side character in the Van Helsing film. Created by the doctor under Dracula’s orders, he was meant to unlock the way for Dracula to bring life to his vampire children. After Frankenstein’s death, the monster hid away from the world, until he met Van Helsing on his mission to defeat Dracula.

Frankenstein’s monster is portrayed by Shuler Hensley to be a sympathetic character with a fierce temperament. His first scenes show the tragedy of his father’s death and being hunted by an angry mob. This version of the monster stands as a force of good by being Van Helsing’s ally in the fight against Dracula. The Frankenstein monster’s appearance is a mix between the classic stitched up Boris Karloff look and cyborg components like in cyberpunk designs.

1. The Iconic Boris Karloff From the Original Frankenstein (1931)

The iconic form of Frankenstein’s monster and the one many other incarnations take inspiration from. Boris Karloff is the actor responsible for giving the monster the classic look with the help of makeup artist Jack Pierce. From the square head with screws to the haphazard stitches across the body that represent the different parts sewn together, This is what everyone thinks about when they want to imagine Frankenstein.

In the film, The monster is portrayed as innocent and naive. Because people are repulsed by his appearance, the monster soon grew bitter and angry. In his growing anger people got hurt and killed. This ultimately results in him being driven out by villagers. Although he was thought to be killed, other sequels came out that expand on the monster.

Frankenstein's Monster

The Frankenstein Theory (2013) Official Trailer

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