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Lamb (2021): A Review


Lamb has a Fascinating Charm

Lamb is a mysterious drama fantasy which premiered in 2021. This film, quite simplistically titled, is the creative handiwork of Valdimar Jóhannsson. While it does not rest in the genre of horror, there are horrific elements that undergird this film. 

A Few Details

Lamb is a foreign film set in the Icelandic countryside. Like a small novella, the film is broken down into chapters, Kafli I, II, and III, adding to the novelty. Lamb is indeed an original story with no comparison. 

The Setting

Lamb is set in tranquil countryside. Ingvar (Hilmir Guonason) and Maria (Noomi Rapace) are the nuclei of this film, and their choice of life is quiet and melancholy. Tending sheep and tilling extensive farmland consumes their days. As can be expected, the beginning progresses slowly. 

The Exposition

Lamb begins with the couple tending to their daily duties. As part of their chores, they deliver tiny lambs. Nothing seems grand or spectacular. In fact, it’s 20 minutes into the film before anything significant occurs.

Rising Action 

Viewers see the pair delivered a tiny lamb which we assume is sickly. The two take the small animal into their home to nurse it. The wee lamb consumes the entirety of the couple’s attention yet no questions are ever raised. As the couple quickly gains an attachment, the lamb becomes their surrogate child. 

Revelation of Revelations

Further into the film, it’s revealed there is much more going on. Ingvar, Maria, and Ada, the little lamb, become quite the unexpected little family. Astoundingly, everything goes on as usual, almost idyllic until the little lamb goes missing, raising concerns for Maria. 



There is so much more to Maria’s little lamb. Things come to a head when a sheep appears to have more than an intriguing investment in the pair and Ada. The ewe appears to incense Maria. Murder is the case, perhaps out of anger, fear, or mere possessiveness. Whatever the rationale, the story gets a lot more interesting. 

The Saboteur

Pétur arrives to shake up the pair’s world a little. The three have a history that is not transparent to all parties. Maria and Ingvar’s behavior flummoxes Pétur. He insists the two see Ada for what it is but Maria and Ingvar are too far gone. Let’s say all is not well that doesn’t end well. The story concludes with a tragedy and one of the most fascinating reveals. 

A Star Point

Lamb’s conclusion is poetic and the final scene is shockingly dramatic. It raises many questions while answering a few as well, which this cinematic piece does well.


The movie is slow-moving. Nevertheless, Lamb has a certain charm and is entertaining. If Lamb could be summed up in a phrase, it would be weirdly fascinating. This film is a perfect selection for those with a special place in their heart for out-of-the-box movies with horror elements. Lamb will certainly suit that taste.

It is a movie which proves most unexpected for those willing to walk on the edge of normalcy and chance it.

Lamb can currently be found streaming on Showtime.


Lamb (2021) Official A24 Trailer

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