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Halloween Ends First Trailer Revealed!

Halloween Ends

Evil Comes to an End This Halloween

Last year fans of the Halloween franchise witnessed Michael Myers wrack up his largest body count to date with a staggering 27 victims. The brutal display of carnage was only the precursor to the final battle between the iconic slasher and the original final girl, Laurie Strode. Halloween will end this coming October 14th when the final installment in the reboot trilogy hits theaters. Until then, Universal, Miramax, and Blumhouse have dropped the first official trailer and poster for Halloween Ends.

Set four years after the events of Halloween Kills, Laurie is now living with her granddaughter Allyson while working on a memoir of her trauma. After letting her life be haunted by the specter of Michael Myers for 45 years, Laurie has let go of her fear and embraced life. Her tormentor hasn’t been seen since the brutal massacre he committed years prior, but when a young man names Corey Cunningham is accused of killing a boy he was babysitting, it reignites a wave of terror that will call Laurie to her final showdown with the man who changed her life forever. 

The last time fans saw ‘The Shape,’ he was being beaten into the ground by Tommy Doyle and the people of Haddonfield. But as always, Michael refused to die and slaughtered each of his attackers, including Tommy and the retired sheriff Brackett. His last victim was Karen Strode, Laurie’s daughter. Karen had always wanted her mother to put Myers behind her and move on with her life. Could her death have inspired Laurie to finally do it?

Not much can be deduced from the trailer. It looks like children will still be trick-or-treating on Halloween, despite what happened in the last film. The first shots mirror Michael’s ascent to Judith Myer’s room in the original 1978 movie, where she would become his first victim. We soon see that it’s Laurie’s room this time. Laurie, as she has been for 45 years, is waiting for him with a gun at the ready and looking more put together as opposed to her crazed visage in the last two films. 

Halloween Ends

The scene then cuts to another brutal brawl around the kitchen of what may be her new home, her last having been burnt down trying to kill Michael in Halloween 2018. The fight is interspersed with a cutting of footage from the previous two films and Halloween 1978 when Laurie was first attacked, as well as images of new screaming and bloodied victims.

Michael’s hand can be seen attacking a young man in what looks like a sewer, his hiding place perhaps? There’s a clip of an unknown red-haired woman making a phone call as Michael creeps into the house behind her. Allyson is seen exiting a vehicle on what appears to be a dark and deserted street looking towards something. Hawkins and two deputies are seen running towards something with police lights flashing behind them.

The trailer then ends by cutting back to Laurie waiting behind a wall with a knife for Michael, followed by him attempting to force her hand into a running garbage disposal. She seems to break away before he can do it before nailing his hand to the floor with a bloody kitchen knife before the trailer ends. 

The poster doesn’t seem to give anything away either. It features one last look from Michael Myers. The image resembles the poster from Halloween Kills as his face is lit against fire, although the blaze seems dimmer in comparison. Jamie Lee Curtis, Will Paton, and Andi Matichak will reprise their respective roles, with James Jude Courtney returning as Myers. Kyle Richards will also return as Lyndsie Wallace, one of the survivors of Michael’s first killing spree. And Rohan Campbell will be playing Corey Cunningham, the babysitter accused of murder.

If fans think they know how the bloody saga between Laurie and Michael will end, they may be in for some big surprises.

Nick Castle, the original Michael, recently noted that Halloween Ends will be a surprising conclusion to the trilogy from director David Gordon Green. Halloween creator John Carpenter stated much the same, describing the movie as a departure from its predecessors. Even the makeup effects artist Chris Nelson has teased something shocking, describing the film as weird and different. The inclusion of the Corey Cunningham angle is enough to suggest that this installment will take things in a new direction. Fans will remember that Halloween Kills gave a new perspective on The Shape, depicting him as something inhuman, and not at all interested in Laurie.

Perhaps Halloween Ends will be an exploration into this theme?

Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends (2022) Official Trailer

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