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Prey for the Devil Coming This October!

Prey for the Devil

This Halloween, It Wants You

Coming just in time for Halloween, Prey for the Devil will be hitting theaters this fall after a string of delays. This new film sees a nun become a leading force in exorcizing a possessed girl with a malevolent presence from her past. Will she be able to banish the evil, or will the Devil take another victim?

As the number of possessions significantly increases, the Catholic Church responds by secretly opening a new school to train priests in the sacred rite of exorcism. Among the most proficient is a nun named Sister Ann. Nuns have always been forbidden from the practice, but a professor recognizes Ann’s gift for the ritual and agrees to take her under his wing.

She soon finds herself staring down a familiar evil on the front lines when a young girl is possessed by the same demon that tormented Ann’s mother years prior. As the girl’s only chance for survival, Ann is forced to step up and confront her past. However, the demon recognizes Ann as well and soon decides to try and take hold of her as well.

Prey for the Devil stars Jacqueline Byers (Bad Samaritan) as Sister Ann. Alongside her is the young Father Dante, played by Christian Navarro (13 Reasons Why), who aids Ann in her struggle to exorcise the demon. The film also features some horror heavyweights. Virginia Madsen (Candyman) plays Dr. Peters, Colin Salmon (Jason X) plays Father Quinn, and the late Ben Cross (Banshee) plays Cardinal Matthews.

Rounding out this cast of stellar actors is Lisa Palfrey (The Feast) as Sister Euphemia and Nicholas Ralph (All Creatures Great and Small) as Father Raymond, Velizar Binev (The Grey Zone) as Father Bernhard, Posy Taylor as Natalie, and Debora Zhecheva as a young Ann. The producers are Paul Brooks, Jessica Malanaphy, Todd Jones, and Earl Richey Jones. Scott Niemeyer, DavidBrooks, Michael P. Flannigan, and Brad Kessell all serve as executive producers. 

Prey for the Devil

Robert Zappia, the writer of Halloween H20, wrote the picture, while Daniel Stamm serves as director. Stamm’s other directing credits include 13 Sins, The Last Exorcism, and an episode of Fear the Walking Dead. With this in mind, it may be reassuring for fans to know that the film was made by someone with experience in horror. Stamm also directed episodes of Into the Dark, Scream: The TV Series, Incorporated, and four episodes of BBC’s Intruders.

Prey for the Devils will be released in theaters on October 28th, just in time for Halloween. Fortunately, the film will finally be hitting theaters this year after experiencing a good share of delays over the past couple of years. At one point, the film had been titled The Devil’s Light with James Hawes (Black Mirror) tapped to direct. It was originally slated to release in January last year but was pushed back to February of this year. Obviously, that didn’t happen, so October is the new date. And it looks like the film will be released without a hitch as Gold Circle Films and Lionsgate have released a trailer and movie poster.

Be sure to catch Prey for the Devil when it premiers later this year, and check back here at Dead Talk News for a review!

Prey for the Devil

Prey for the Devil (2022) Official Lionsgate Trailer

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