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Spree (2020): A Review


What Would You Do To Go Viral?

Spree follows small-time streamer Kurt Kunkle, a rideshare driver who wants to go viral. 

Joe Keery plays Kurt, which makes for a great lead. He is fantastic as Steve in Stranger Things, but it is also fun to see him playing other roles. He is great as Kurt and has to carry a lot of it. I also appreciate how different Kurt is from Steve. David Arquette is in this movie too as Kurt’s dad, who is always fun to see as well.

This could essentially be considered found footage, as every single shot is from a phone camera or other surveillance. This is done well and feels very modern. The cinematography feels as if the creators were very in tune with streaming and social media platforms. The found footage concept and storytelling work well. 

Kurt is an interesting character. He is somewhat relatable, but also weird. A lot of people have the desire to go viral on social media. He is willing to do anything to get all the views and likes. I enjoyed watching his transformation and thought process with going viral. This is a dark comedy horror thriller, so the humor is in the absurdity juxtaposed with the violence. 

There is over the top violence in this film, but since the plot and Kurt are so random and extreme, it fits into the narrative extremely well. There is a sequence set to “The Gummy Bear Song” that is perfectly executed and adds a lot to the scene and Kurt’s story. 


Spree has a lot to say about the modern internet, influencer culture, streaming, technology, and social media. I found the messages to be presented well, compelling, and thought provoking. 

Spree touches on external validation as well, which is something that many people seek out either consciously or subconsciously both on and off of social media. Kurt is a prime example with someone unsatisfied and wanting more in life that wants to change themself and their future. 

Social media is great, but can also be dangerous for anyone. It is ironic because companies, influencers, TikTok, and streaming platforms such as Twitch make their money off of ads on social media and selling their content to the consumer. It is seen as integral for them and their business practices. 

The pacing was great. It is a 90 minute movie, and it takes the time to set up Kurt, the conflict, Kurt’s actions, and the end. It stays consistent and moves along in a way that compliments the movie’s ideas. 

The ending was fascinating. Kurt’s legacy lives on in a way that other famous internet personalities did and still continue to. It touches on the idea that anything influencers do, either good or bad, will follow them forever. Due to this, fans and people who come across their content down the line will form their own opinions on the content creator. People will either be in support or against every content creator that becomes well known and popular. 

Spree is a fun and interesting movie about the lengths a rideshare driver will go to for fame. Spree is available for streaming on Hulu.


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