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Victoria Pedretti’s Netflix Roles Ranked

Victoria Pedretti

The Good With The Bad & The Innocent With The Psychotic

Victoria Pedretti is one of the fastest rising stars on television today and has made a home for herself in Netflix programming. Despite still being young and in the early years of her career, she has a wide range and can play multiple kinds of characters and emotions. Her earlier years saw her mainly starring in short films and saw her in a brief appearance in Quinton Tarantino’s, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. She would eventually find herself in a starring role in the hit Netflix series Haunting of Hill House

As one of director Mike Flanagan’s regular castings, the young starlet has played the most lovable and vulnerable women in his horror anthologies. Fans fell in love with Nell Crane as Pedretti’s vulnerability and innocence captivated viewers and made them fall in love.

She stole fans’ hearts again in the follow-up season as Dani Clayton in The Haunting of Bly Manor, an Au-pair running from a dark tragedy. Pedretti is not exclusive to protagonists, though.

When she wasn’t busy charming the pants off of horror fans, she was doing it to a serial killer in the wildly popular series You. As Love Quinn, she played one of the most complicated, ruthless, and cunning female characters that have ever been seen on TV for two seasons and proved to everyone that she is a star.

This is a ranking of her three Netflix roles and what made them great.

3. Dani Clayton – The Haunting of Bly Manor

While The Haunting of Bly Manor may not have been met with the same reception as its predecessor, the highlight of the season was undoubtedly the relationship between Pedretti’s Dani and Jamie Taylor, played by Amelia Eve. Dani was an American woman in England escaping from a traumatic accident in the States that took the life of her former fiance. She met Jamie when she took a position as an au pair for the two children of Bly Manor, the estate for which Jamie worked as a gardener.

Pedretti’s character has a certain toughness about her, given all that she’d been through, yet she comes through as innocently sweet. Her chemistry with Jamie was palpable in each scene as the two characters brought out the best in one another.

Dani faced the terrors at Bly Manor in a way that most would in the face of the unexplainable, but she did so with courage. She never balked at the spirits of the manor and willingly put her life in danger to protect the two children she had come to see as her own.

In horror, final girls are a symbol of innocence persevering in the face of terror. Pedretti gave fans a top-notch final girl in Dani Clayton.

Victoria Pedretti

2. Nell Crain – The Haunting of Hill House

Nell Crain was not fortunate enough to be as emotionally tough as Dani. While all the Crain children would be haunted by the events that transpired during their stay at Hill House, Nell was arguably affected the most. As the youngest of the five children, she found herself the most vulnerable to Hill House’s influence, suffering paralyzing visions of a figure dubbed The Bent-Neck Lady during her time there.

As an adult, she became more withdrawn and less like her normally cheerful self than she had been in her youth. Nell came across as a vulnerable person throughout the Haunting of Hill House. We couldn’t help feeling for her as her pain was visible even when it wasn’t addressed. The character is forced to go through unimaginable emotional trauma, and Pedretti was the perfect actor for the role.

While most of her scenes are seen through flashbacks, fans watching only wanted her to be okay. It was easy to wish for her well-being, even though fans knew she wasn’t going to make it, and it was all the more heartbreaking to see what befalls her.

This was the role that introduced viewers to Pedretti’s talent. It was easy to fall in love with her, which is what made her story so captivating. Her next role would steal their hearts again, only to end in a sinister twist.

1. Love Quinn – You

Victoria Pedretti brought everything that made Nell Crain and Dani Clayton great into Love Quinn for You. She was smart, funny, quirky, and a great baker. It’s no wonder she caught Joe Goldberg’s eye when he moved to Los Angeles. Love is everything a guy would want in a girl, and fans were just as ready to trade Guinevere Beck for her just as fast as Joe.

And then the season finale came, and everything fans thought they knew was flipped upside down. She was just as big a sociopath as the man she had fallen in love with. Fans thought that Joe would kill her just as he had Beck, but in another shocking twist, she was pregnant with Joe’s son. Oddly enough, they were still the perfect match. Who better to settle down with a serial killer than another serial killer? Even into the third season, as things began to unravel for the two, Love never lost her flair.

However, the charm was cracking as the season went on. Both she and Joe gradually started to realize how unstable they both were. Love was more dangerous than anyone could have imagined, and Pedretti was able to bring out a viciousness that no one could have anticipated. Being able to go from sweet to psychotic at a moment’s notice, Love became more terrifying than Joe.

Whether fans classify You as a horror series or not, Love is one of the scariest killers in any series, and that’s why she is number one on this list.

You (2018) Official Netflix Trailer

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