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Boo, B*tch (2022): Series Review

Boo B*tch

Don’t Ghost Your Friends

Boo, B*tch is a Netflix original series starring Lana Condor and Zoe Margaret Colletti that follows the pair of best friends their senior year of high school. When Erika dies and comes back as a ghost, she and Gia must figure out Erika’s unfinished business so that she may finally ascend. 

I adored this show. It is a bit cheesy and silly, but that makes it endearing. It is lighthearted and a good change of pace from the more serious shows on streaming. The writing is great too and it is apparent that this was written with attention to detail and care. You root for Erika and Gia’s friendship. At times Erika comes off as very annoying, but does eventually redeem herself. Drama does arise because this is a show set in high school, but it fits in well which adds to the impactful ending.

I really liked the modern but familiar route they went with the ghost and paranormal rules. It takes something we all know and have seen, weaving it into this story very well. A lot of Boo, B*tch works because of how much sense the ghost rules actually make and, in a way grounds, the story while it is still very much a fantasy story. The meta commentary is fantastic as there are a lot of jabs thrown at paranormal movies and long established ghost rules.  The entire ghost plot is very cool to see modernized and ingrained so seamlessly. 

Boo B*tch

I enjoyed the overall tone of Boo, B*tch. It is both comedic while also serious and meaningful. This is balanced well and if it went one way or another, the vibe would not be the same. The acting is great and you really believe in the friendship and the drama of Erika’s unfinished business. 

The themes of female friendship are refreshing to see. Their friendship is somewhat flawed but that’s what makes it more real. Anyone with a best friend will definitely be able to relate to the friendship, one of the girls, or the situation because the story is deeply relatable. 

The humor in this series is truly funny, I laughed out loud on multiple occasions. It is apparent that the showrunners have a strong understanding of what truly can make people laugh. 

There is a twist ending that I did not anticipate. If you are paying super close attention and watch a lot of ghost movies, you may see it coming. I really liked the twist, as it completely recontextualizes and changes almost the entire plot and can definitely be rewatched. The ending was a nice cap to everything that happened and it was the perfect way to end this series. 

Boo, B*tch is a fun, paranormal drama streaming now on Netflix. It is an easy eight episode watch well worth your time. I hope to see a continuation of Erika’s story and this world with interesting paranormal rules one day. 

Boo B*tch

Boo B*tch (2022) Official Netflix Trailer

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