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DTL Gets Personal with “The Serpent Queen” Crew

The Serpent Queen

Samantha Morton Stars as France’s “Black Queen"

On the latest episode of Dead Talk Live, Samantha Morton and Liv Hill discuss their new Starz miniseries, The Serpent Queen. The macabre historical epic is a collaboration between writer Justin Haythe and producer Erwin Stoff, who also chat with Viz about bringing the notorious Catherine to the small screen. 

Channeling her inner Laurence Olivier, Morton breaks the fourth wall to deliver monologues, playing a warped Catherine de Medici, an Italian noble who married into the French royal line. Set amid a tumultuous time in history, Morton captures the Machiavellian personality of Catherine, who is drawn to the dark arts in a bid to assert total control of the cutthroat-world of court politics. “Her whole life is like a game of chess,” says Morton, but Catherine’s own survival is nothing compared to that of the survival of France itself.

Casting was paramount to the project. Writer and producer Justin Haythe was drawn to the story based on the personality of Catherine more than the idea of simply retelling history. “I wasn’t looking for a period show,” Haythe says, “I love the idea of a villain turning to us and saying, ‘hey, let me tell you why I did what I did.’ ” Stoff and Haythe knew immediately Morton was their lady. Morton credits her performance to an unintentional bit of method acting. “I was able to walk and act in those buildings and touch the walls and know she’d been there.” 

The Serpent Queen

The younger Catherine is portrayed by relative newcomer Liv Hill, who provides a far more vulnerable take on the would-be queen, tracing her path from convent to court. “She’s been emotionally and physically abused her whole life,” Hill said, yet overcomes it, Hill chalking up Catherine’s enduring spirit to her belief in the supernatural.

The Serpent Queen debuts on Starz on September 11, 2022. Check out the trailer here

Watch the full Dead Talk Live episode below if you missed the live stream.

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