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Tory Jones Talks Slashers On DTL!

Wicked Ones

The Irresistible Appeal of Slasher Films

Recently, Viz chatted with independent writer and director Tory Jones to discuss his love of directing, his influences, and his newest film, Wicked Ones, a sequel to his 2017 film The Wicked One.

Tory Jones follows in the tradition of great horror auteurs, grinding out a fanbase from the very bottom, the initial The Wicked One movie cultivating a following from word of mouth. “When we made the first Wicked One we had no idea that people would resonate with the character,” Jones notes. The small-budget film exceeded his wildest expectations, inspiring its very own cosplayers.

Wicked Ones picks up where the original left off, the trauma not only still affecting the survivors but manifesting in copycat slayings. Ten years have passed since, and Alex is still trying to put the past behind her, now a mother. However, her past won’t let go quite so easily.

Wicked Ones

Jones and co-writer Nathan Thomas Milliner stick to what made the first film work, but the sequel focuses more closely on the family theme, with an emphasis on repression and Alex’s intertwined destiny with that of her tormentor. “Her fate is tied to defending her family,” Jones says. “We toyed with that in the first film … The Wicked One character is a metaphor for all these unresolved  issues.”

The slasher genre never seems to get old, and the imprint of the Halloween and Friday the 13th series’ villains are apparent on the serial killer The Wicked One. “There’s so many things you can do with the slasher movie,” Jones citing the eighties franchises as a formative influence and source of his appreciation for the genre that is often enamored with fads, “I think it just comes in waves.” 

You can still check out Dead Talk Live‘s full interview with Tory Jones if you missed it. Wicked Ones debuts September 13th digitally, available both on-demand and with a special edition Blu-ray version available in November.

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