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Keith David Talks “Nope” & “The Thing” on DTL!

Keith David Nope

Keith David Recalls a Few of His 350+ Credits

In the latest episode of Dead Talk Live, actor Keith David opened up to Viz about his experience working with Jordan Peele on his newest summer hit, Nope. The neo-western sci-fi is uniquely divided into five chapters and focuses on two siblings who try to collect evidence of a mysterious UFO. 

Since David has known Peele for quite some time, he embraced the chance to work with the acclaimed filmmaker and portray Otis Haywood Sr in the movie. Speaking on Peele’s refreshing approach to the horror genre, David praised the Get Out director for his work ethic, but also his personality. 

“He’s a really wonderful writer. He’s a really wonderful director, and he’s an even better human being,” David said. 

Aside from Nope, David has quite a few film credits under his belt — more than 350 to be exact. He recalled working with horror legend filmmaker John Carpenter on 1982’s The Thing, noting that this was his “first movie” and was a “phenomenal” experience. 

“Every day was a thriller minute,” David explained. “It was a big learning curve. I was in a cast of extraordinary men… There were no personality clashes. It was a bunch of guys doing their job being led by a great director who knew what he wanted and was very clear.”

Keith David Nope

Having played Childs in The Thing, Viz asked David how Carpenter explained why he was one of the last ones standing alongside Kurt Russell’s character, R.J. MacReady. 

“I think the ultimate reliance on each other’s integrity is what got us through and what got us to the point where we’re the last two guys left,” David said about their characters. 

Aside from acting, David is also known for doing voice-over work, carrying a distinct tone in each of his voice performances. He emphasized that he appreciates these jobs because, “as actors, we are forever students.” 

“By design, I’m a student of history,” he added. “Every part I play, every play I read, there’s a historical element.” 

In case you missed it, you can still check out Dead Talk Live’s latest episode with Keith David below. Nope is still in theaters and is expected to eventually stream on Peacock. 

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