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Michael Lombardi Offers His Insight on DTL!


What Would You Do With Just One Minute…?

On the most recent episode of Dead Talk Live, Michael Lombardi sits down for a discourse on his starring role in The Retaliators‘, an upcoming revenge horror feature. The Retaliators is a film under the direction of Samuel Gonzalez Jr. and Michael Lombardi, alongside a few others. 

In the film, Lombardi plays Bishop, a pastor, a man of strong faith with a rosy mind frame. But a most unfortunate tragedy not only rocks his world but opens the gates of hell as he stands witness. In one pivotal moment, Bishop is forced to look evil in the eyes in a manner like never before.

But once there, he must decide; he must take his stand. There may be but a few defining points in life, but this is one wherein Bishop’s fate rides. It is a point of decisiveness that will not only impact his faith walk but shift his mindset forever, reframing his outlook on life.

The Retaliators: Weighty Matters of Heart & Soul

Once the camera rolls, Lombardi begins his dig into the heart and soul of The Retaliators unpacking the weightiness of the film. Lombardi’s interview is replete with information touching on the film’s pertinent and most impactful elements. He wastes no time beginning in earnest, expounding on the background of the resounding and brilliant score underpinning the film. 


He follows with commentary on the concepts that were hard fought for, formulating the flick’s nexus and substance. Lombardi’s openness and sincerity are clear-cut, as he intently offers insight into various elements forming the core of The Retaliators. He touches on the aspects of foreshadowing, plot fulfillment, character layers, arch, backstories, and unifying ideas. 

And in a most riveting moment, Lombardi, clearly moved by emotionalism, expounds upon the heaviness of the motif and its deepening significance. Finally, he encapsulates what the cinematic piece offers with one solitary, moving question. “I think the film and the provocative question is if you had a minute alone with the person that did you or your family wrong would you take it?”

In case you missed Michael Lombardi live, please be sure to check out his full interview below.

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