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Jamison M. LoCascio & Adam Ambrosio on DTL!


A New Generation Pays Homage to the Roots of Horror

On the latest episode of Dead Talk Live, Viz gets personal with Adam Ambrosio and Jamison M. LoCascio, the writing/directing duo behind the new horror anthology How Dark They Prey.

Building on the classic anthology structure made famous in horror films like Black Sabbath (1963) and Creepshow (1982), indie filmmakers Ambrosio and Locascio shifted from a single plot to four separate tales united by a single unifying theme, directing duty alternating between the two writers. 

As if that wasn’t enough work, they also split up composing the score and editing, with some extra help along the way. “We were only a three-man crew,” LoCascio recounts. Pre-planning helped the shooting go smoothly. “We shot each one in about a month.” The small team was forced to adapt to the consequences of the pandemic where most films simply shut down completely.

Each segment has a unique look and story. The WWII-themed “Harrowing” was inspired by an idea by Ambrosio, and both he and LoCascio admit that this story is the most controversial and challenging, a Rorschach test for audiences, no two viewers walking away with the same interpretation. Meanwhile “Nelly” was shot in black and white to hearken back to the horror films of the Psycho-era, a nod to a simpler type of film, while also “trying to bring the vibe of Evil Dead into it as well,” according to LoCascio.


Ironically, LoCascio points out he came to the genre late, only appreciating the films of past horror masters by accident, mostly by the urging of Ambrosio. “There’s so much to mine with Lovecraft,” he says. “I wasn’t really a horror person until he introduced me.”

In case you were busy, catch the whole interview with Adam Ambrosio and Jamison M. LoCascio below, and check out How Dark They Prey. It is available as of today on Amazon Prime Video (ad free) and on YouTube (with ads).

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