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“Echoes” Star Daniel Sunjata on DTL!


Plumbing the Depths of Love & Evil

On the latest episode of Dead Talk Live, Daniel Sunjata opens up about his new Netflix miniseries Echoes, currently available for streaming. You might recognize the dramatic TV-vet Sunjata from Grey’s Anatomy, Rescue Me, Graceland, and Law and Order: SVU.

In his latest project, Sunjata shifts focus to a new genre. Echoes is a mystery-horror miniseries about two enigmatic twin sisters, both siblings played by Michelle Monaghan. Sunjata plays Charlie, a clinical psychotherapist, and in this case he’s more than got his hands full dealing with the duo.  

Charlie is no less complex a character, Sunjata is quick to remind us. “It might be true that really good psychotherapists like dealing with aberrance because they have the propensity and capacity to do some dark shit.” As the series unfolds, we see the characters pushing the boundaries of traditional morality and ethics, justifying their actions or, perhaps, simply indulging their own weakness.

The series is full of twists, and the producers and writers didn’t stop there, refusing to reveal the truth even to the actors in order to provoke the rawest emotions possible from the cast. “They never told us who shows up at the end,” Sunjata says, often as confused as the audience when reading the script. 


The story leaves a lot up to the viewer to parse for themselves, which Sunjata stresses is necessary for the miniseries to work. The open-ended nature of the narrative and the show’s success tempts a sequel, though Sunjata is mixed on the idea of continuing the plot and tidying up all the loose ends that gives Echoes its poignancy. “Some things are best left weirdly unfinished, and that’s the whole point.”

If you missed the full interview, check it out below and don’t forget to view Daniel’s hit miniseries Echoes, which can only be seen on Netflix. 

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