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Neil LaBute & Gia Crovatin talk Dracula on DTL

Neil LaBute

Keeping Bram Stoker Fresh In The Modern Age

On this episode of Dead Talk Live, Viz delves into the making of House of Darkness, a reimagining of the Dracula story from writer-director Neil LaBute. Joining them is Gia Crovatin, one of the stars of the film. Taking a mature reinterpretation on the classic Bram Stoker tale, LaBute frames his adaptation as a modern fairy tale. The film follows the unfolding events of a romantic date gone awry.

Best known for his dark psychological drama, In the Company of Men, LaBute crafted House of Darkness as a more intimate portrayal that focuses on sexual tension, though one that still captures the old-school horror sensibility. “We wanted to make no bones about it that this was happening in the framework of a gothic story,” he says. Special attention was paid to create the atmosphere, filming lit by candle light and fireplaces.

Gia Crovatin co-stars as Lucy. The character might be based on a hundred-and-twenty-year-old book, but the cast and crew were conscious to have it reflect modern society rather than the Victorian era. “We wanted to show the different permutations and ways that women deal with men,” Crovatin stresses. Lucy contrasts with her sister Mina, the two possessing their own internal power dynamic outside of the mainstream society. “Sisters have a hierarchy.”

Neil LaBute

Casting was key for LaBute, careful to select the right pieces to complement the story he wanted to tell here. A matter as important for creating the roles of Mina and Lucy as it was for the leading-man. The male protagonist, by LaBute’s insistence, is no Casanova. “You wouldn’t get the same laughs watching this guy with bad game.” As we soon learn, this is no typical hook-up.

House of Darkness also stars Justin Long, Lucy Walters, and Kate Bosworth. It is now in theaters, and accessible on demand September 13th. Watch the trailer for House of Darkness on YouTube

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