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Martin Harris Discusses Stranger Things on DTL!


An Unconventional Journey to Hollywood Pays Dividends

On the latest episode of Dead Talk Live, Viz talks season 4 of Stranger Things with actor Martin Harris. He also appears in David O. Russell’s mystery Amsterdam, debuting this week, starring alongside Christian Bale and Margot Robbie.

Landing the gig on Stranger Things was a dream come true for long-time fan Harris, but it was not without its own complications. His scenes were filmed in a purpose-built prison just for that particular subplot; forbidden to share anything about his role or storyline. “It was extremely secretive,” he says. “I couldn’t tell anyone I was on Stranger Things until it aired.” 

Harris took the long route to stardom. Before finding his way into big-time productions, he wrote books, dabbled as a sports announcer, and even did a stint in a metal band in Europe. He cites a conversation with Kobe Bryant with altering his life. “Now I see the benefit of those experiences in my acting life because I have a lot of things I can refer to.”


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Amsterdam provides an entirely new kind of mystery for Harris. Set in the thirties, the comedic drama follows three friends wanted for a crime they did not commit. Already hectic by post-pandemic scheduling, Director David O. Russell kept his actors on their toes with heavy use of improvisation. It was a unique experience for Harris and the other cast and crew who often did not know the full script. “It was an adventure,” adding that it helped him to watch actors like Bale work on set. “Whenever you have a chance, you learn from them as much as possible, because those guys are really committed.”

View the full interview with Martin Harris below, and don’t forget to check out all the action in the newest season of Stranger Things, currently available for streaming on Netflix, and see Harris in Amsterdam, which is in theaters now.

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