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Halloween Ends Michele Dawson on DTL


The End of Michael Myers?

On the latest episode of Dead Talk Live, Michele Dawson gives us the scoop on her new film, Halloween Ends – the direct sequel to 2021’s Halloween Kills – starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Andi Matichak. 

Concluding the Legacy of a Horror Icon

In the culmination of the 44 year old franchise, Michael Myers once again returns from his summer respite to use the residents of Haddonfield as pin cushions. Who’d have thunk it? Dawson plays Nurse Deb, described by the actress as an “aggressive” opportunist with little regard for the feelings of others, too self-absorbed to pay mind to the other characters’ concerns or fears. 

In this finale, directed by David Gordon Green, the key role of Michael Myers is now played by multiple actors. The film is filled with references to the earlier installments from the late seventies and early eighties. “I think you have to nod back to the original,” Dawson says of the inclusions, “you have to bring in those elements from the other movies so you can tie the whole thing together.” 


Dawson was not a natural when it came to the slasher genre. “I’ve always been nervous of the dark and what lurks in the shadows!” she admits, avoiding horror films. Getting caught up with the lore and atmosphere of the world took some effort. “As soon as I booked it, I dove in, started with the original.” The aura of the character had a big impact on Dawson, who eventually got screen time with the larger-than-life maniac himself. “That mask is terrifying … it’s the epitome of evil.” 

The whole interview with Michele Dawson is below if you missed it. Halloween Ends is available to watch or stream nationwide both digitally and in theaters.

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