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A New Era of V/H/S/99 Directors on DTL

V/H/S/99 Directors

The V/H/S Series Returns With Inspiration From a New Era

On the latest episode of Dead Talk Live, Viz chats with three of the writers and directors behind the anthology V/H/S/99: Flying Lotus, Maggie Levin, and Johannes Roberts.

A Continuation of a Classic Tradition

The latest in the long line of found-footage horror films, each new tale in the film is directed and written respectively by different teams. Like earlier entries in the V/H/S universe, this newest piece does not strictly follow the convention of adhering to one continuous plot. 

Taking place pre-millennium, V/H/S/99’s found-footage concept faithfully recreates the janky VHS tapes of the late nineties, which posed its own unique challenges. “We shot on a Sony camera from that era,” Levin says. The crew struggled to not trip over wires, in a bid to replicate the low-resolution, distorted, grainy image synonymous with the decade that digital techniques could not duplicate. 

Taking Cues From Different Inspirations

Each segment brings a wildly diverse subject matter and setting. “Shredding,” written and directed by Maggie Levin, focuses on a morbid punk band. This haunted-house tale incorporates the classic trope with nods to real historical tragedies. “Obviously when you’re dealing with the influence of real-life tragedies on your horror movies you have to tread lightly,” Levin points out.

V/H/S/99 Directors

Johannes Roberts’ segment, “Suicide Bid,” playfully pays homage to retro horror films like Children of the Corn and Serpent and the Rainbow. While drawing on classic urban legends, stressing any deeper meaning should not be taken too seriously. “I just like playing with the imagery,” Roberts says, transforming a Lithuanian legend to work in a contemporary school-hazing plot. 

For those of a certain age, there is an unmistakable reference to Nickelodeon’s goofy game shows in the segment “Ozzy’s Dungeon”. According to writer/director Flying Lotus, the nostalgia appeal of a Double Dare themed horror short builds upon the throwback aesthetic of the film.

See the whole interview below if you missed out on the original stream. And remember to watch their film V/H/S/99, available only on Shudder

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