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Lauren LaVera of “Terrifier 2” on DTL!

Lauren LaVera

The World's Worst Birthday Clown Returns to Wreak Misery One More Time

On the latest episode of Dead Talk Live, Viz and actress Lauren LaVera discuss her new film Terrifier 2, how she crafted her character, and scary-ass clowns. (Some minor spoilers in the following video)

Fresh Meat

For Terrifier 2, writer/director Damien Leone expands on the first film, creating a new cast in the Art the Clown extended universe, which dates all the way back to a 2008 short film. The newcomer to the series, Sienna, played by LaVera, goes head-to-head with the signature villain, played by David Howard Thornton. “She’s discovering her relationship with Art in realtime,” LaVera breaks down her character. “She’s just as clueless as everyone else in terms of her weird connection,” struggling to make the connection between her father and the sinister clown haunting the town. The tragedy of her family looms over Sienna and her brother, their ordeal coming full circle just in time for Halloween. 

As for the backlash to the supposedly excessive amounts of blood and guts, she laughs off the critique, citing it as a necessary trope for horror films, geysers of blood signaling the audience not to take the content seriously. LaVera is especially appreciative of the creativity of their practical effects team, the crew going for a visceral, non-CGI look that Tom Savini would be proud of. “I love gore … when it comes to gore that’s so over the top to the point it’s almost comical, I can appreciate it.” 

Lauren LaVera

Down With the Clown

Dictionaries describe coulrophobia as the irrational fear of clowns. Irrational? We beg to differ. Art the Clown dons his pancake make-up once more in case you didn’t already have sleep issues. “Luckily for me and everybody else on set, he’s [Thornton] not so much a method actor,” she says with relief. “He doesn’t stay in character, thank god.”

You can see the whole interview below if you missed the live stream. Terrifier 2 is in select theaters, and is available to rent and buy from Prime Video and Screambox.

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