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Deadstream Boos Talk Believability on DTL!


Deadstream Co-Creators Bring New Life to Found Footage

On a recent episode of Dead Talk Live, Viz sat down with Joseph and Vanessa Winter, co-writers and co-directors of Deadstream. Joseph stars as a self-proclaimed coward who live-streams his life, uncaring who gets offended or hurt along the way. Some important aspects of Shawn the Winters wanted to highlight in the film was a controversy he was attempting to bounce back from. 

“We wanted to make sure that the audience really bought into how important his reputation on the internet was and just how far he was willing to go. We really wanted to pull off that believability that even though he’s a larger than life character, you still believe he’s put so much work into his channels and his followers that he really is willing to get pummeled by ghosts…”

The Winters discuss the line between adding typical influencer comedic style with the more terrifying screams. They cover the nuances between Joseph’s vast range of “25 different screams”, and when to use which during the post-production editing. 

Regarding cameras, on set and in the scenes. “We were very committed to the universe of making it feel like a livestream and some believability that this could happen even though we took some liberties.”

Joseph states, “I was not expecting what it took to pull this off… It was very difficult to be in Shawn’s head at the same time as being the camera operator and thinking I have to pan this speed across here while I’m saying [Shawn’s lines]. It was such a challenge.”


The Winters also discussed their segment “To Hell And Back” in the recent Shudder release V/H/S/99. “It kinda felt like we invited ourselves… Joseph just blurted out ‘we would love to do a V/H/S/99 segment!” They eventually got an official invite and had two months to fully create their segment from scratch. They were told to pitch a few ideas they were passionate about. “We just kept throwing out crazy ideas…” 

Their contribution was inspired by Medieval hell, focusing on the paintings of Bosch and several other artists. Vanessa says this style spoke to their film as it “portrays hell in a brutal but almost comedic way because of how absurd the torture elements are in hell. We’re such practical effects creature fanatics, we just knew we wanted creatures in hell. We went to this classic hell landscape with the most bonkers things we could think of”. 

Check out the full episode below to hear more of what Joseph and Vanessa Winter have to say about the future of V/H/S/99, the subtleties of their character Mabel, and how their newest film Deadstream evolved from the found footage subgenre to a live-streaming experience.

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