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Eleanor Matsuura Shines on DTL

Eleanor Matsuura

Eleanor Matsuura Adds Flourish to The Walking Dead

On November 28th, Eleanor Matsuura sat down for an interview with Dead Talk Live, filled with pure magnetism. Amazingly it’s been two years since her last appearance. But this time, she returns to share experiences with The Walking Dead in its final years. Matsuura delivers the goods in an engaging conversation, highlighted by her liveliness and incomparable warmth. 


Matsuura plays the part of Yumiko, a survivor of The Walking Dead apocalypse. Yumiko was introduced in season nine of the flagship series, becoming a mainstay for the duration of the series. Her character is a pillar of strength and honor in a society where most have deserted such morals. She is the voice of reason and Matsuura plays the part to perfection. The character is brilliantly written, one that many can root for. However, Matsuura’s charm adds the final flourish, taking the characterization to the next level. It is she who makes fans believe in Yumiko. 

Eleanor Matsuura

Highlights of Brilliance

Matsuura proved to be an excellent storyteller relaying the behind-the-scenes of the final seasons of The Walking Dead. She navigated the conversation with ease answering each question with relish. The foci of the interview slanted toward her character’s arc and foundations. Matsuura took her time delving into her character’s motivations and the full expression of what that meant for the series. There was no superficiality in the discourse. In fact, she continued the meaningful dialogue by drilling even deeper into the interchanges between Yumiko, other pivotal members, and the interplay in driving the plot, specifically in the final season. However, at the core, her exposition was much more about the unique qualities she brought to Yumiko, bringing her to life before a massive fan base. 

As an extra treat, she most pleasantly dished out details revealing the truth behind a budding secret circling the internet. 

Matusurra’s bright and bubbly personality was infectious. She captivates her audience, and time passes swiftly in her presence. Matsuura shines especially in her love for her fans and humble manner. If you missed this most captivating episode of Dead Talk Live, check out the interview below. 

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Thank You, and Stay Walking!

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