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The Accursed Cast Talks Family on DTL!

The Accursed Cast

Severing The Binds That Tie

On a recent episode of Dead Talk Live, Viz talked with director Kevin Lewis along with actresses Sarah Grey, Mena Suvari, and Alexis Knapp about their new horror film The Accursed

The Accursed builds its horror on awkward psychological questions, plumbing the troubled relationships between mothers and daughters. Lingering throughout the film is the recurring fear of becoming a victim to a fate beyond our control. According to the director, the concept of guilt and sorrow are central to understanding the characters, their fears and motivations. “The sins of the mother were visited on the daughters,” Lewis described the crux of the film. “History will teach us nothing.” 

Mary Lynn and Elly (portrayed by Knapp and Grey) suffer to break the circle, an intentional commentary on mental health by Lewis. Mary Lynn is headstrong, while Grey viewed her character Elly as a girl anxious of her real identity and her general sanity. “I think what Elly is really struggling with – her biggest fear – is that she’s going to turn into her mother.” 

Rounding out the cast is horror veteran Meg Foster, and Mena Suvari, the latter best known for her comedic films rather than horror. Turning to darker fare, Suvari was surprised to be offered the role at first, won over by her interest in working with Lewis. “You have that connection,” she said of Lewis, crediting him with allowing her space to expand on the persona of Alma beyond the script and experiment with the character. 

The Accursed Cast

For Lewis, honing the characters provided far less stress than crafting the big finale, an ordeal that he labored to perfect, improvising on the fly. But the logistics of filming always poses unique dilemmas, and horror films demand a big bang at the end. “It’s the cherry on top,” Lewis noted, shooting eight pages in 24 hours, corralling stunt coordinators and crew across multiple shooting locations. “That was one intense day.” A hectic culmination of filming he’s amazed they were able to pull off.

If you missed the interview, make sure to see the whole chat below. The Accursed is out now for rent and purchase at Prime Video.

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