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Jordan Rodrigues on High Stakes in National Treasure


Jordan Rodrigues Explains How The Series has Higher Stakes Than the Original Films

On the latest episode of Dead Talk Live, National Treasure: Edge of History’s Jordan Rodrigues joined us to talk about his upcoming Disney+ original series, which starts streaming on December 14. The Australia native described how fans of the original Nicholas Cage-led National Treasure movies will appreciate the modern differences of the show and also see how the series paid homage to its predecessor. 

While Rodrigues wasn’t as familiar with the early 2000s films as most Americans are, the Light As a Feather actor made sure to watch the “cult classic” movies prior to his audition. Rodrigues portrays the character Ethan, the best friend and confidante of the protagonist, Jess. 

Edge of History focuses on resourceful DREAMer Jess (Lisette Olivera) who wants to unearth the truth underneath her family’s past and to save a lost Pan-American treasure. While the original franchise films took place in the United States, the Disney+ series takes the treasure hunt outside of America. As for the antagonist of the series, Hollywood veteran Catherine Zeta-Jones portrays Billie, who is also searching for that lost treasure against Jess. 

Rodrigues explained that Ethan and Jess’ “relationship” is the “core” of the story. However, he emphasized that there is more of an urgency in Jess’ situation in comparison to the earlier films’ plots. 

“What makes the series different from the movies is that I think the stakes are a lot higher when it comes to Jess’ situation,” he said. “Jess is a DREAMer from Mexico. She was brought over not by choice to America, and she is now in the DACA program … The thing with Jess is she doesn’t know anybody, she doesn’t have any family or any connection[s]. She doesn’t have any money there. If she gets sent back to Mexico, that is just gonna be heartbreaking for Ethan, obviously. The stakes are so high when it comes to this treasure hunt.” 


Although National Treasure: Edge of History will not include Cage as his character Ben Gates, other OG cast members including Justin Bartha (Riley Poole) and Harvey Keitel (Sadusky) returned to reprise their roles. Rodrigues pointed out that the show brought them back “so tastefully.” 

“Harvey’s reveal is so huge, and he sort of grounds this whole series right from the get-go,” Rodrigues noted. “He really is the one who sets Jess off on this journey … Justin Bartha was really cool to work with. It was so cool to be on set with him, and we can just pick his brain about the movie and his time on set, and he was just a fountain of knowledge. He still brings that charm and playfulness to the show.” 

In case you missed it, you can watch the full Dead Talk Live episode below before embarking on this new, international treasure hunt. 

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