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Final Destination 6 in the Works

Final Destination 6

Some Lessons are Unending. What is Destined to Be Will Be!

In 2000, death removed its shroud for the big screen to teach global viewers there is no escape from its grasp because everyone has a “Final Destination.” And now, over two decades later, school is still in session. Per recent press releases, with the upcoming production of Final Destination 6,  viewers still have a little more to learn. But are we ready to listen?

Final Destination: The Premise

In Final Destination, the first chapter, which was released in 2020, we meet a group of people who are predestined to die. However, they survive their inevitable catastrophic end thanks to a strike of good fortune or an instance of premonition. But as the film progresses, they and the watchers learn a crucial lesson. The one thing death doesn’t take too kindly is being cheated. It strikes back with a prejudicial vengeance. So, while the group did not meet their fated end as first predetermined, their fates remain sealed.

The Making of a Success

Final Destination was outrageously macabre. One thing Glen Morgan, James Wong, and Jeffrey Riddick did well was amplifying shock. Some deaths were so disturbing that one dared not turn away. There was no doubt Morgan, Wong, and Riddick had success on their hand. However, according to the LA Times, the first three installments were mediocre in terms of box office dollars compared to other New Line films. However, that didn’t stop the train from rolling nor stop fans from hopping aboard. Apparently, not all things peter out. Some sparks take a little longer to catch on.

As the LA Times additionally noted, film four of the franchise made $65.8 million domestically and $95.7 million overseas, with Warner Bros. predicting it would eventually do close to $125 million in the international market. And that success led to one more installment, Final Destination 5. The 2011 feature, under Steven Quale’s direction, gave audiences even more gruesomeness to savor. 

Final Destination 5: A Supposed Prelude to an End

Final Destination Five continued in the same vein as the films before. While the deaths kept getting more brutal and unbelievable, the basic premise didn’t change. When it’s your time to go, you got to go. However, the fifth did have a few surprises, one being the inclusion of the horror icon Tony Todd. Another is the shocking revelation that installment five was actually a prequel. Finally, all things came full circle, and viewers were able to revisit the site where it all started. But, as far as many were concerned, it was the end. 

Final Destination 6

Then There Was a Sixth

The announcement of a Final Destination Six took many by surprise. After all, it’s been almost a decade since the franchise’s last installment. While it’s not entirely evident why another installment is being produced, as the saying goes, when something is good, it’s hard to let go. In January, fans got the announcement, but with recent updates, it has become more solidified that fans will get another Final Destination. The newest addition to the franchise will be produced by Jon Watts. Creatives Lori Evans Taylor and Guy Busick have been tapped as writers for the upcoming film alongside Jeffrey Riddick. And as announced in a September article in The Hollywood Reporter, Adam B. Stein and Zach Lipovsky have joined as directors. 

What Else We Know

There hasn’t been much released about the plot. However, it has been emphasized that the formula for this film will shift. According to Riddick, “this one is… a true Final Destination movie, but it doesn’t follow the kind of formula that we’ve kind of established.” So, fans can expect some variance from the former. And it will be pretty interesting to see what the creative team will come up with this time. It makes one wonder how far they can take this concept without jumping the shark. It’s still possible to ruin a good thing. Because no one likes it when people attempt to beat a dead horse, let’s hope that’s not what they are trying to do here, and fans can expect something uniquely entertaining. 

Reportedly, Final Destination Six is on track, and with hope, it will be released at some time in 2023 on HBO Max. But until there is further confirmation, no promises can be made so, fans who are hyped in anticipation, keep those fingers crossed. All one can say is what is destined to be will be.

Final Destination 6

Final Destination 5 (2011) Official Warner Bros. Pictures Trailer

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