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The Stars of Boundary on DTL


When Business Becomes Personal

On a recent episode of Dead Talk Live, Viz dug into the production and preparation for the new crime thriller, Boundary, with two of its stars, Juliana Aidén Martinez and Altorro Prince Black. 

In the highly-rated film by Anthony Faust, Michael Massey (played by James Davenjay) leads a secretive, dark life. The balance he’s managed to preserve for so long is finally fraying, drawn back into the criminal underworld.

Complicating matters, his friend James, played by Altorro Prince Black, no longer trusts him, and soon even his wife is forced to look at her husband in a new, disturbing light. Black paints their decaying friendship as one infected by a sense of betrayal. Michael’s personal life falls apart just as he is drawn into the scheme of a manipulative customs officer, Douglas Gofft.

James’s interactions with the antagonist are left far more nebulous, by agreement of the actor and director-writer Anthony Faust. “I don’t like it when films spoon feed it to you,” Black said, preferring the audience to interpret it for themselves. Adding ominously, “Douglas is a person we all have in our lives.”


As for Martinez’s character, Emily, the actress aimed to project the stubbornness of the character plagued by memories of past trauma beyond the typical damsel stereotype. “The first time reading it, there was an initial trap I saw in playing someone in which they were a submissive wife.” Taken aback by her husband’s aloofness, she is seeking to regain what was lost, perhaps against her own better judgment. The promise of a new life is tantalizingly close. No longer able to deny her husband’s true nature, we are left wondering whether a family can change a violent man or whether that family itself serves to become merely collateral damage.

The entirety of Viz’s interview with Altorro Prince Black and Juliana Aidén Martinez is below if you missed the live stream. Boundary is out now on most video on demand outlets. 

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