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The Cast of A Wounded Fawn on DTL!

Wounded Fawn

A Contemporary Edge for a Classic Horror Template

On a recent episode of Dead Talk Live, the director and stars of the Shudder original A Wounded Fawn share their motivations and interpretations behind their new horror film with our own John Vizaniaris.

Descending Into a Mind of Madness

The blueprint that director Travis Stevens concocted for A Wounded Fawn appealed to the cast, especially Josh Ruben, who plays the demented protagonist, Bruce. “I love the giallo homage of it all and knowing it was going to be a practical-effects movie.” The film’s central tension depends on tension and seriousness that forced the actors to walk a tightrope,” Ruben explains. “The challenge for me was not to go for laughs … to bring out an element of mania.” The film strives to replicate the surreal staginess of Dario Argento more so than the humor of Freddy Krueger.

Adapting on the fly is key for Stevens, who stresses the necessity to never paint yourself into a corner. “Josh’s version of Bruce had so many sparks to it that I never imagined,” he praises his star. “He made that character much more interesting than ever conceived.” The unconventional approach carries over to the closing credits, which certainly rewards the viewer to continue watching from the beginning to the end. This last-second addition produced some trepidation, but is one Travis feels adds to the film, admitting, “You never quite know if it’s going to land.”

Wounded Fawn

Primitive Instincts in a “Sophisticated” World

Contrary to the expected framing of Bruce as a lunatic at the behest of the voices in his head, Ruben disagrees with the interpretation of a man without agency. “It’s all a lie, it’s all part of his narcissistic narrative,” Ruben says, preferring a more-grounded perspective of the character as a garden-variety egomaniac who has taken his darkest, animalistic obsessions to the next level. Although there is room for more supernatural interpretations, it’s a debate that the film leaves wide open.

Travis and crew are cognizant of the current climate and pitfalls of dating and hook-up culture, while also maintaining the look and feel of old-school Italian horror films. Interesting enough, Sarah Lind notes that the Bruce character conceals his motives and manipulates her character (Meredith) and his other victims by his lack of sexual interest, lulling them into carelessness by playing against the stereotype of mouth-breathing creep. “He’s not too pushy, he’s nice, this is all going at a nice pace,” Lind says of their initial courtship, Bruce projecting the appropriate social cues and appearance.    

Watch A Wounded Fawn now on Shudder, and hear the whole interview with the stars and director below.

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Thank You, and Stay Walking!

Wounded Fawn

A Wounded Fawn (2022) Official Shudder Trailer

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