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Sarah Booth Brings a New Spin on DTL!


Sarah Booth Adds a Touch of Artistic Liberties to Agent Nichol

On a recent episode of Dead Talk Live, Sarah Booth and her pine tree sat down with Viz to discuss her latest series, Three Pines. Booth breaks down how she came into her role as Yvette Nichol before auditioning. “As soon as I discovered the world of Three Pines I realized I was missing out a lot. There were 17 books, they’re Canadian… I was like ‘wow! How have I not heard of these books?’”. She was quick to dive into the series by Louise Penny and fully immerse herself in the world of Three Pines.

Having grown up in Canada herself, Booth was able to bring her own upbringing – and her mother’s accent – to fully flesh out Nichol’s character while keeping her character authentic. She brought a new spin to Nichol’s character, who’s quirky over-attentiveness for “leaving no stone unturned” often leaves the rest of the detectives exasperated. 

“I realized that the character they wanted me to audition for in the TV series was a little bit different than the character in the books. In the books she’s a little more stubborn and rude, I would say. In the series, she’s represented more in an awkward eagerness… really just wanted to be part of the gang.” 


Not only does Three Pines stray somewhat from the original source material in terms of characterization, it introduces a main storyline which slowly unravels the circumstances behind a long list of Indigenous women who have gone missing without piquing police interest. “People are able to put an emotional story behind it and it’s opening so many people’s hearts. I think people are realizing the atrocities that went on in our country and that are still going on.” By mixing a bit of history with a lot of fiction, the series is able to speak to a lot of social issues and provide some insight into hidden histories under rug swept until not too long ago. 

Check out Sarah Booth’s full interview below to hear more about the collaborative creation of this offbeat murder mystery series. Three Pines recently concluded the final episode of season one, which is perfectly bingeable on Prime Video.

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