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Three Pines’ Anna & Julian Join DTL!

Julian Bailey

Anna & Julian Talk Episodes Five & Six

Three Pines cast members Anna Tierney and Julian Bailey joined Dead Talk Live to talk about the most recent episodes, 5 and 6, of the Amazon Studios series. 

Set in the village of Three Pines, Quebec, Canada, a series of murders turn the town upside down as Chief Inspector Armand Gamache (Alfred Molina) investigates the string of crimes. Based on the novel Fatal Grace by author Louise Penny, the show delves into each murder case’s background, spanning two episodes to unpack the subplots for the viewers. Tierney portrays Clara Morrow, and Bailey plays her husband, Peter Morrow, who is clearly suppressing a secret from his wife.

When discussing her character Clara experiencing the Morrow family’s issues, Tierney explained how episodes 5 and 6 unravel Peter’s perspective. 

“I think for me and through Clara’s eyes, you really feel for Julian’s character, Peter,” the English actress noted. “His family is a real piece of work. If there’s ever a family dynamic to be terrified of, it’s Peter’s.” 

As for Julian’s point of view on his character, the actor pointed out that Peter is “learning to cope” with his family’s pitfalls. 

“I think he’s at the point where he’s accepted that his family is what it is,” Bailey added. 

As his wife, Clara is naturally suspicious of what on earth Peter could be hiding from her. What spouse wouldn’t wonder whether their partner is being faithful while they’re making an effort to hide something? Tierney elaborated that viewers will “discover a little bit of what Peter is keeping from her in these latest episodes, 5 and 6.” However, she also noted that she thinks “there’s a lot more underneath the surface that gets explored in the novels.” 

Julian Bailey

“If I was in Clara’s position, I’d like to think of myself as quite an intuitive person, and if I see that something’s going on, I’ll usually persist until that person sort of talks about it and, like, relieves themself of it,” Tierney said. “So, the fact that Peter is able to hold onto this stuff for so long and that she doesn’t coax out of him, I wonder maybe part of her is afraid of what might come out if she really finds out the truth. Does he maybe not love her as much as she hopes? Maybe it’s a kind of fear and a lack of trust in herself at this point that she is maybe not pushing him as much as she should.” 

In case you missed it, you can catch the latest episode of Dead Talk Live below, and you can stream Three Pines on Amazon Prime. 

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