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George R.R. Martin: Future Forecast

George R.R. Martin

A Fantasy Lover's Dream

George R. R. Martin is likely one of this decade’s most influential fantasy writers. There are but few who have risen to the level of prestige he has, especially across mediums. But his acclaim is well earned. His work is expansive, with his earliest work dating back to the late seventies. Altogether he has penned at least 108 publications, and such ardor has paid off. His pen game has elevated him from a position of obscurity. His inspired imagination has made him a household name via the adaptation of his hit series Game of Thrones. And today, his legacy stands solidified as a legend among legends.  

George R.R. Martin Raises the Bar 

A 2017 feature in Time well encapsulates why Game of Thrones is considered a global success. According to the article, its viewership was astronomical, averaging over 20 million every episode in one specific season alone. Furthermore, it garnered such acclaim that it became the prime-time series with the most Emmys ever to be won by any show. Of course, some chalk up such successes to a strike of good fortune. And effectively, in most cases, lightning only strikes once. However, Martin has proved such is not the case with his work, especially given the success of the 2022 series House of the Dragon based on his work, Fire & Blood. Unfortunately, fans have to wait a bit for the conclusion of the newest epic to take the world by storm. However, in the interim, supporters can relish in the knowledge that Martin has a few more tricks up his sleeve. In the fall of this year, Martin sat down openly to express a few features in the works. And admittedly, the future looks epic for Martin’s fanbase. 

More Martin on The Way

According to Indiewire, Martin gave a list of projects in development ranging from sequels to animation. In the words of the Savant, “There’s the Jon Snow sequel show, and the rest are all prequels.” And to add a bit more detail, he dove into the context of some of the other features, which include a story centered around Corlys Velaryon, the Sea Snake, and a tale of how the Rhoynar came to Dorne.

George R.R. Martin

Molding a Universe

It may surprise some that Martin’s design concept is not confined to a series of highly entertaining shows. Instead, he’s contemplating the development of a universe. As Martin noted, he believes Game of Thrones spin-offs could mirror those of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show. His universe could replicate the way the iconic sitcom was able to deliver spin-offs in completely different genres.” All things considered, if anyone can make such a reality, it is Martin. 

A Gift for Fans of Martin’s Written Word 

There is also some good news for those fans of his written word. For quite some time, many have waited with bated breath for even the slightest mention of Martin’s completion of his latest novel, The Winds of Winter. Martin, who began the work in 2010, has labored long while suffering the impatience and ridicule of his fan club. Many have outright called him a liar for raising anticipation and dashing hopes. But as a humble Martin is cited as saying in Esquire, “I’m making estimates. I’ve repeatedly been guilty of excess optimism.” And as the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.” Assuredly, masterpieces take time to construct. But as of recent news, Martin has given a most unexpected update on his progress. In a recent interview, Martin revealed that he is closer than ever to completion. According to Esquire, “The author revealed that he’s written about 1,100 to 1,200 pages so far and has another 400, 500 pages.” And that’s good news. 

There is no better way to enter the new year for fantasy fans than knowing there is a lot of George RR Martin in the future. We only have to keep our fingers crossed and hopes high.

George R.R. Martin

House of the Dragon (2022) Official HBO Trailer

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