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Bed Rest (2022): A Review

Bed Rest

Brings a Whole New Terror to Expectancy

Bringing life into the world can be scary. But a threatening pregnancy requiring bed rest in a house with its twisted mysteries is terrifying. 

Bed Rest is a 2022 unnerving and dramatic tale of horror about an expectant couple. Both Julia and Daniel Rivers have a lot to look forward to. So many fresh things are in bloom around them that it’s hard to fathom how someone can take on so much. There’s a new job, a new home, and a new baby on the way. Individually these are some of the most significant life-changing factors whose impact is not to be taken lightly. But coupled, they equate to one giant stress bomb. Unfortunately for Julia (Melissa Barrera), that bomb detonates and before she knows it, she’s been put on bed rest. From there, things escalate and life for the couple morphs into one giant nightmare.

Intriguing Subcurrents 

Nothing specific about the setting stands out, however, it sets the film up as to what to expect. It is a house nondescript by looks but beyond ordinary by character. It is essential to the story and almost serves as an additional persona. Bed Rest begins as the typical ghost story, especially wherein a pregnant woman is involved. The story is easy to follow in the beginning. However, somewhere in the middle, it veers left. There is a twisty underpinning to this tale. Onions are indeed not the only things that have layers. But it’s enough to drive the story forward and arrest the watcher’s attention.

It will leave the viewer with the idea that one doesn’t always know what they think they know but here, that is a good thing. Although everything appears clearcut and plain, something else is happening beneath the surface. Overall, this makes for good storytelling, for which Lori Evans Taylor is to be lauded. 

Bed Rest

The End is What Matters

The story moves at a moderate pace. This will not work for some, especially those who swear by stories with plots driven by action. This film will not raise adrenaline levels, especially not in the first quarter of the film. Attentiveness is required. Lack of focus will almost certainly lead to getting lost in the storyline and having to rewind it several times. Daniel Rivers (Guy Burnet), the husband, is excellent in his role. He will most certainly enervate the viewer. This will lead to some “you can’t be serious” moments. Melissa Barrera delivers a believable performance as a harried, beleaguered, expectant mother. Lori Evans Taylor, who also directed this piece, brings everything together in the end. 

In fact, the ending is one of the highlights of the film. It’s unexpected, fresh, and deeply satisfying. Viewers rarely get such comfort in a wrap-up, but Bedrest delivers that.

Final Reaction

Bed Rest gets a strong B+ as it’s an unexpected cinematic jewel. No, it’s not perfect and not blockbuster caliber, but it’s solid. When looking for something memorable, solid works. As an additional aside for those acutely aware, this film draws some interesting parallels to such films as Mama (2013), Woman in Black (2012), and The Curse of La Llorona (2019). And while it is not Taylor’s first time in the director’s chair, it is a testament to a talent well worth following. Reportedly, Taylor will also be extending her writing talents to the upcoming film Final Destination Six.

This film is recommended for those looking for something interesting to indulge in, not too unorthodox but certainly not stale. Those interested can find Bed Rest streaming on Tubi, and it’s worth a watch or two.

Bed Rest

Bed Rest (2022) Official Tubi Trailer

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