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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Coming Soon

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

What to Expect

If you are like me and enjoy Star Wars games, then you are in for a treat. Respawn Games brought us Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The game follows Cal Kelstis, a Jedi padawan who narrowly escaped order 66, as he faces the task of hopefully rebuilding the Jedi order by exploring the mysteries of a long extinct civilization. Accompanied by a few friends, you must pick up the pieces of your shattered past and complete Jedi training – all while staying one step ahead of the Empire and its deadly Inquisitors. With lightsaber customization, ship customization, and the ability to learn new abilities, the game allows for gamers to have the ultimate third person experience.

Even if you aren’t a hardcore Star Wars fan or are new to the scene, this game has a little bit of everything for anyone. If you enjoy lightsaber combat and want to experience it in a new cooler and fast paced world, this game is for you. If you enjoy adventure games and exploring new worlds, then this game might be for you. I was more interested in the visuals and lightsaber combat than anything else, which Respawn Games definitely provided. 

The story and lore of the game definitely made me excited as I spent a few hours during my weekends off playing and exploring. With the story being so straightforward and easy to understand and pick up, how it unfolded definitely surprised me. But what will the sequel bring and will it be just as great?

No Longer a Padawan 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes place a few years after Cal Kelstis’s years as a padawan. The main setting of the game follows his adventures as a mature Jedi knight in his quest against the empire. Due to the memories and expectations of the Jedi Order, Cal must make a decision whether or not to continue his crusade against the Empire, even if that means saving those closest to him. The game gives players a chance to explore more planets, each with their own unique set of challenges, enemies and biomes.

The game itself has an opportunity to create and carve out a great story line for fans with the use of many of the main characters still being alive and well during the end of the prequel to the game. Many of these main characters seemed to be scattered across the galaxy, giving the player the chance to reconnect with them throughout the game. But how these characters will play a part in the sequel is not known. 

Star Wars: Fallen Order left players with many unanswered questions. Many fans are hoping that the sequel will bring those answers to light, including whether or not certain characters such as Nightsister Merrin, will return to the game. She doesn’t appear in the trailer but it has been confirmed that Cere Junda will be returning to continue her quest to restore the archives of the Jedi temple. Along with this confirmation, the trailer confirms the arrival of Bode Akuna, a mercenary who becomes friends with Cal. Not much is known about his backstory or him, but players can expect to see him for some parts of the game. Finally, not much is known about the villain in the new game. From what the trailer shows us, we only see the white-skinned figure in a bacta tank but how they fit into the larger narrative of the game is not clear.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Combat is Key 

Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order players had only one issue with the game: Gameplay. When playing the game itself, the combat was simple and many enemies respawn when you went near a bonfire in the game. The combat reminded me of a mix between Dark Souls and New World. Both games feature the hacking and slashing that I enjoyed while I continued fighting against new enemies in both games. While the first game allowed players to upgrade their abilities, it still made little difference to the combat. But some abilities, such as lightsaber throwing and running on walls allowed for the player to move across the world more easily and complete puzzles and challenges with ease.

The trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has two main focuses, combat and exploration. The new combat will not only feature new abilities but also five force stances that allow the player to make the decision of what kind of Jedi combat style they are going to use and how they are going to use it. Players now have the new ability to combine all of these things to create their own style and defeat enemies new and old, their way.

The game also promises more when it comes to the exploration of new planets. Instead of the usual explore and continue on your journey feature, the game will allow players to explore planets with a large terrain, allowing for the opportunity to discover new secrets, reap new rewards and enjoy the scenery.

Worth the Pre-order?

After watching the trailer, I am extremely excited to buy this game. If you are someone who likes to get extra content, then the pre-order is for you. The pre-order is an Obi Wan Kenobi inspired combat pack. It features a new blaster, Obi Wan inspired robes for Cal and a new lightsaber for PC players. Players can also pre-order the PS5 deluxe edition which features; Scoundrel Cosmetic, Rugged” BD-1 Cosmetic, DL-44 Blaster Set, Rebel Hero Cosmetic, Rebel Hero Lightsaber Set, and BD-Astro BD-1 Cosmetic.  The PS5 cosmetic items are inspired by Luke Skywalker and Han Solo as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope.

If you are a huge Star Wars fan, you can also order the collector’s edition for the game. The collector’s edition features Full-Size Functional Cal Kestis Replica Lightsaber Hilt, Premium Magnetic Box (holds Lightsaber Hilt), Certificate of Authenticity, Official SteelBook, copy of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Deluxe Edition on a PC and the Obi-Wan Kenobi inspired Jedi Survival Cosmetic Pack. But unfortunately, it’s currently sold out and in pre-production to ship out to those lucky fans who were able to get their hands on one. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor comes out on March 17th, 2023. You can buy the game in person at any electronic store or on Steam.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (2023) Official PlayStation Trailer

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