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Midnight Zombie Massacre (2021): A Review

Midnight Zombie Massacre

Wrestling & Zombies

Wrestling and zombies, two words that I didn’t expect to come out of a zombie movie. The Manson Brothers: Midnight Zombie Massacre, takes us on the journey of the two fighting brothers who signed up for a new game after being relegated. But they didn’t know that they needed to stay in an arena to fight zombies.  

The movie starts off slow, with a family reading a comic about the two brother’s wrestling adventures, which then cuts to the brothers a few hours before a wrestling match. The two main characters, Skull and Stone, played by Chris Margetis and Mike Carey are absolutely hilarious together. Their chemistry is absolutely astounding and spot on, while the supporting cast make it even more believable by playing off each other, making the Manson Brothers look great as a result. The showcasing of the backstage scenes along with the matches themselves are great and well captured.

The film really captured the essence of a creepy zombie film through great cinematography and sound effects. With lights flickering off due to a power outage, screaming in the background, and no cell service, the main characters find themselves trapped in the building, having to fight their way through a crowd of former wrestlers and management turned into now, flesh eating zombies. This makes things even more terrifying with the now former wrestlers super human strength and running ability. The music changing throughout the zombie sequence gives the watcher an intense feeling, while keeping them on the edge of their seats. The film’s use of opera music during the zombie sequence when one of the main characters has to kill a zombie for the first time, makes the scene more fun and witty than it actually is.


As someone who is a big fan of zombie movies and has even written a zombie book, I enjoyed the undead scenes. When the humans turn into zombies due to a Chinese growth hormone, there is vomiting as the virus goes through their veins and changes color. Their eye color changes due to the virus and then they become aggressive. It’s a simple turning and not as complicated as many of the other zombie movies I have seen. But the turning process takes a lot longer than intended, while most take nearly a few minutes. The gore effects and zombies themselves are definitely creepy, adding to the tone of the movie. The movie is less serious than many other undead movies where characters are trying to survive, get to safety, or find their loved ones before the zombies find them.

Midnight Zombie Massacre

Midnight Zombie Massacre was enjoyable due to the slow motion action sequences of the main characters fighting for their lives using wrestling movies and whatever they could find in the arena, to their advantage, which created a stressful and tense atmosphere for all the main characters alike. There were a few plot twists throughout, which were both unexpected and well executed. The film also provides the audience with some good zombie kills and some pretty fun dialogue.The ending twist is unexpected and well done. Even with a low budget, Midnight Zombie Massacre gives a new definition and their own personal spin on a fun, witty, creepy, snappy and well executed zombie movie. 

Worth the Watch?

This film gives the watcher a different type of zombie and plotline. With twists and turns, and being set in a comic book world, this film is definitely worth the watch. If you enjoy wrestling, and love zombies, then this movie is for you. This movie isn’t a date night movie or even a girls night movie, unless you are a fan of horror comedy. Midnight Zombie Massacre is character driven, which gives the watcher a completely different experience than expected. The film keeps a steady pace throughout and never drags. It keeps the watchers attention throughout, creating a very enjoyable zombie massacre. But it’s for everyone. The dialogue sometimes gets too fast and hard to understand while some of the jokes won’t make sense to people who haven’t watched a wrestling match or read a wrestling comic book. 

Midnight Zombie Massacre itself has no agenda, and provides the audience with a fun and witty film that keeps them on the edge of their seats. It’s a movie about two brothers protecting themselves from the unknown – the unknown being zombies. If you don’t take zombie films too seriously, this movie is for you. We are left with a cliffhanger, as the father shows his son another comic where the Manson Brothers find themselves fighting vampires, leaving the audience wondering if we are going to get a sequel to this great and funny film.

You can watch The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre on Amazon Prime or any other on demand streaming service.

Midnight Zombie Massacre

The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre (2021) Official Trailer

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