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Ghosts Season Two (2022): A Review

Ghosts Season Two

A Humorous Haunt

2021 marked the premiere of Joe Wiesman and Joe Port’s warm-hearted comedic and spirited adaptation of the BBC original Ghosts. It was a refreshing offering for lovers of all things supernatural. For twenty minutes a week, otherworldly inhabitants of a haunted manor and an adoring couple provided a respite full of whimsy and lightheartedness. 

The Adaptability of Ghosts

Ghosts, the original series, debuted on BBC in 2019. The series, which followed wily ghosts trapped in a manor, was created by comedic team Mathew Baynton, Martha Howe-Douglas, and Simon Farnaby. But as follows, for all great series with potential crossover success for American markets, the show was picked up. The collaborative team that also brought fans Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist tried their hand at the situational drama.

While it is never certain how a series will fare in crossover markets, the performance of Ghosts could not have been better. That success was highlighted by the nomination of several awards and the landing of the DCG Craft Award for Outstanding Achievement in Production Design – Comedy or Family Series.

Ghosts the Plot

In Ghosts, a young couple unexpectedly inherits a manor. And although neither is on board initially, an elated Sam (Rose McIver) convinces her husband, Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), to take on the property. Unfortunately, the property is more than the average fixer-upper. There is a lot of baggage that comes with that inheritance. It includes a host of ghosts. Initially, they go undetected until an unlucky fall allows Sam to commune with them. It isn’t long before Sam, and her lovely partner build a strong and endearing relationship with the entities in residence. However, one season wasn’t enough to fully explore the building of friendship between the living and dead. So, September 29, 2022, marked the return of the quirky series. And to the delight of fans, the second season maintained its appeal. 

Ghosts Season Two

Apparitions Had Viewers Breathing Easy

In season two, Ghosts continued to be a breath of fresh air. By nature, this show was made for prime viewing. It was funny, sassy, and a bit ribald. There is no denying that the market was ripe for such a show as this. A dose of comedy done right when most entertainment is laden with heavy thematic material is a brilliant placement strategy. The show hit the bullseye on two of the most prominent pillars of marketing excellence placement and product. This show was well-crafted.

A Myriad of Success Factors

A myriad of factors contributed to the excellence in transference. The most imperative was vibrant characterization. But what more is expected from a flower child, Viking, travel agent/boy scout leader, a union troop, Lanope native, a well-to-do socialite, and a pantless businessman? Not only were they intriguing, but their back (death) stories were fascinating – additionally, the show moved at a nice pace. There is little dead time between the jokes and the punchlines. And the slight dramatic flair seals the deal. Above all, there is a lot of continuity. The flow from one season to the other is effortless. 

Season Two Highlights

Season two picks up right where one leaves off. Viewers learn more about the deceased and their human companions as they slowly fall in love with one another. But that’s not unexpected. The eclectic apparitions are too entertaining not to dote over. And when the watcher draws closer to the end, Sam and Jay’s charges also become the viewers. 

Ghosts for the Win

Ghosts is a genuine winner. Although it melds elements of shows such as Ghost Whisperer (2005) and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (2020), it stands in its own class. But with the next to the last episode of season two airing on January 5th, one question burns. Will fans finally be forced to say goodbye to the beloved manor’s residents? According to Series Finale, there is neither confirmation of a cancellation nor a renewal of Ghosts. However, as the source additionally notes, the series ranked number 2 for the 2022-2023 network season on CBS.

Given the superb standing, the likelihood of renewal becomes favorable. So, despite no official word yet, the series can be found currently streaming on Paramount+. And there remains one more episode of season two. So tune in on January 12 to see the conclusion of Ghosts.

Ghosts Season Two

Ghosts (2022) Official CBS Trailer

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