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Wednesday’s Romance is Full of Woe

Wednesday Romance

Woe, What Adorable Couples!

From friends and foes to love and woe, Netflix’s Wednesday caters to all audiences with its mixture of genres: horror, action, drama, and romance. The usually emotionless, gothic character has two main love interests throughout season one. And though it ended with one romance dead and another in question, die-hard fans have weighed in on the possibilities they want to see in season two. 

The streaming giant finally confirmed that the show is coming back in the near future, dropping a teaser for season two in January 2023. After season one premiered in November 2022, Wednesday became Netflix’s third most-watched show in history so far, reaching over one billion streaming hours. However, the idea for a second season had a giant ax swinging over its head once fans discovered that there was almost a war between Netflix and Amazon Prime over the rights of the show. Now that this appears to have been settled, fans are excited for more misery to come. The only question is, when will the second season premiere? 

Until then, fans are swarming social media to weigh in on Wednesday’s (Jenna Ortega) love life. Every time Netflix’s Instagram account drops another scene spoiler, viewers can’t help but speak their piece about who they “ship” to date Wednesday: Tyler (Hunter Doohan), Xavier (Percy White), or Enid (Emma Myers). 

Wednesday & Tyler

Tyler seemed like the dream boyfriend – sweet, caring, and even willing to go on Wednesday’s extreme adventures. However, as we sadly discovered in the end, Tyler was the monstrous “Hyde”, the killer who butchered several victims all throughout the first season. 

Nevertheless, quite a few viewers refuse to believe that there is no hope for Tyler. Some strongly believe that he has two sides to him (literally like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde): The monster who was caged and trained by Ms. Thornhill (Christina Ricci), and the boy who is struggling with his mother’s death while falling head over heels for the new Nevermore student. 

Tyler put a spell on audiences through his adorable efforts at sparking a romance with Wednesday. From his unquestionable trust in her to that epic date night in Crackstone’s crypt (seriously, what dude would ever put that much detail into a date?), Tyler quickly becomes our favorite “normie”, thanks to Doohan’s brilliant approach to his character portrayal. 

Of course, all hearts were broken once Tyler said that intimidating line to Wednesday at the precinct in the end. After asking Wednesday “What does it feel like?” to which she reacts confused, Tyler’s entire demeanor, appearance and soul switch to the villain once he says, “To lose.” 

It’s impossible for a fan not to scream “NO!” in their living room after realizing what he really is. 

However, many fans argued on social media their perspectives on what could unravel with Tyler. 

“Did nobody catch that he switched from Tyler to the Hyde a couple of times when he spoke?” one hopeful fan wrote in the comments section of Netflix’s Instagram post of the Tyler-reveal scene. “He was literally controlled and possessed by it.” 

Countless others insisted this same argument, while others even asked Netflix to “bring Tyler back for season two” as a Nevermore kid since he is now considered one of the so-called “freaks”. 

Sadly, we’re not going to know Tyler’s fate until season two, episode one airs. The last image we have of him is exploding into the Hyde in the back of a car as he’s chained up, probably as an attempt to imprison him. 

Wednesday Romance

Wednesday & Enid

Opposites attract! The bubbly and fun Enid collided with the dark, expressionless Wednesday when they were paired as roommates, and the two ladies certainly got off on the wrong foot at first. It’s obvious that the girl who loves rainbow colors is the ultimate antithesis to the newbie who prefers black. 

However, we eventually saw their friendship grow, as Wednesday finally returned Enid’s compassion with a simple hug after her extremely near-death experience. 

So, is there a possible romance here (despite the fact that Enid has a boyfriend)? Ortega weighed in on the potential connection between the werewolf and the confident sleuth, which fans ship as “Wenclair” (Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclar). 

“In a perfect world, [Wenclair] would have been a thing,” the Scream actress said in an interview. 

In another interview, Ortega got even more candid about her thoughts on Wednesday’s romantic preferences, citing the loss of her relationship with Tyler as a reason to be “off of boys for a while”. Therefore, an LGBTQ+ relationship could be a new plotline in season two. 

Aside from the cast’s opinions, numerous fans are claiming on social media that “Enid > Tyler”, meaning that the sweet, colorful student is better than Tyler. Some even argued that no matter what happens with Wednesday’s male interests, Enid will always be the better option.

But what about the possible third wheel, who got his feelings for Wednesday across loud and clear? 

Wednesday & Xavier

Poor Xavier. The literal third wheel in Wednesday’s love life, the talented artist made it clear that he had feelings for her. And they go way back! Wednesday apparently saved Xavier’s life when they were little kids after he got trapped in a coffin. However, she suspected that he was the Hyde for several episodes in season one, which obviously caused a strain between the two. The cherry on top, though, was when she got him arrested. 

While Wednesday and Xavier patched things up in the season finale (fans recall he got his pal her first smartphone), there is no guarantee that these two will get together. Even Ortega noted in a recent interview that she thinks they’re only in the “platonic” friendship waters. 

“I feel like [she] and Xavier are just getting to a safe place,” the scream queen explained. “I think there’s an opportunity there for a really sweet platonic relationship.” 

Nevertheless, some fans are totally team Xavier, mostly because of how Tyler betrayed her in the end. 

“Please stop with the Tyler content and give me XAVIER THORPE NOW!! He’s the boy of our hearts,” one Instagram user commented under a Netflix post in response to a Tyler-Wednesday clip. 

No matter what fans are dying for, we’ll have to leave the romance department in Netflix’s hands.

Wednesday Romance

Wednesday (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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