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Top Ten Beasts of The Witcher


Terrifying Beasts Fit For a Professional Monster Hunter

When the Conjunction of the Spheres took place, the face of the Continent changed forever. Elves, men, and dwarves are forced in the same world and driven to coexist, until humans overwhelm the elves in war. Along with this crossing of races and worlds, monsters that came from other worlds were brought over. The monsters of The Witcher series are a partial focus for the protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher that is trained and made to hunt down and kill them for a price.

Many of the creatures in The Witcher are based on spirits or actual monsters from Slavic and Celtic folklore, with some having major references to their myths. The monsters are categorized in species and types, each one has different strengths, resistances, and weaknesses. They also make for terrifying encounters that drive Geralt at the edge during suspenseful battles. Geralt and most witchers have two different types of swords to fight these monsters. Steel swords are effective on more natural monsters while silver swords are effective on more magical entities.

Players of Projeckt Red’s Witcher Trilogy Are bound to come face to face with many fearsome beasts from the books, A fun and engaging element in these games, especially in The Witcher: Wild Hunt, is to track down Geralt’s contracts and research their weaknesses to make their grueling battles easier. Due to the open world structure of Wild Hunt, sudden encounters in the wild can lead to terrifying fight or flight moments in the savage ecosystem of the world of The Witcher.

10. Swooping Griffins

Players of The Witcher: Wild Hunt will have their first real monster hunt in the game with their encounter against the large hybrid monster known as the Griffin in White Orchard. Griffins in The Witcher games are shown to be different from the classic appearances of the creatures. They look like lions with eagle traits on the forewings, feathered tail, and beaked mouth. Steel swords and the Aard spells are effective at fighting them.

The first fight leaves an impactful impression for the rest of the game and teaches players how to use the new crossbow weapon against flying monsters. Players must beware of the high leveled archgriffin that hunts near a treasure area in Skellige Island.

9. Swarming Nekkers

In select regions across the Continent, Geralt will encounter nests of nekkers. These small ogroids that are harmless on their own but overwhelming in numbers. With warriors and queens, they can turn what appears to be an easy fight into a nightmarish struggle to avoid being flooded with attacks. Silver swords, igni spells, and flaming bombs can make short work of their numbers. Nekkers also appeared in the Netflix series in a sequence where they ambushed Geralt, resulting in a tense battle.

8. The Grotesque Kikimora 

These are the first monsters seen fighting Geralt in The Witcher Netflix series. The appearance of the beast as well as the intense sequence where Geralt resorted to drinking certain potions to defeat the monster was a great way to introduce the harsh monster full world of The Witcher. In the show, the kikimora has a human head and torso on a multi limbed spider like body. In the games, kikimores are more bug-like with a hive system and different types from warriors to workers and queens.

7. The Elusive Forest Spirit Leshen

Leshens are relics that are worshiped and feared as forest guardians. They appear like humanoids with arms and legs like tree bark and a deer skull for a head. They have elemental control over roots, branches, and command packs of wolves and murders of crows to fight Geralt. Leshens made an appearance in a collaboration for Monster Hunter: World, where they are three times as strong due to the energy in the Ancient Forest. In Season two of the Netflix show, a special leshen was revealed with uncanny human features and the ability to infect witchers like a virus.


6. Ravenous Basilisks

Basilisks are draconids that have the shared traits of birds and reptiles. They’re based on the myths of dragon-like birds that kill with a glance. Although they don’t have this ability in the series, they do possess poisonous claws. In The Witcher: Wild Hunt, they look like scaly roosters with dragon wings on their long arms. In The Witcher Netflix series, the basilisks resemble feathered dinosaurs with snake heads and acidic venom and had a vicious fight with Geralt at the end of season two.

5. Towering Fiends

Fiends are quadrupedal monsters that are part of the relict class, like leshens. They have the appearance of antlered demons with three goat eyes. Along with being dangerous powerhouses with formidable blows and charge attacks, fiends have a vicious trick up their sleeve. If not interrupted, the third eye in the center of the beast’s head will cause near complete darkness, making a direct battle terrifying and tense.

4. Fearsome Vampires

The vampires of The Witcher series are a combination of different variations. They’re divided between two types, higher vampires and lesser vampires. Lesser vampires, like Ekimmaras, are animalistic with basically abilities like speed and invisibility. Higher vampires can retain a human form, are super strong, and can teleport. They could also function without relying solely on drinking blood. Vampires are some of the strongest monsters to come out of the Conjunction of the Spheres. Even the weakest Fleders are equal in strength to Chorts, smaller relatives of fiends.

3. The Disturbing Botchling

A miscarried baby gets buried in a shoddy, broken up grave with no rites will come back as a cursed botchling. These beings will haunt the families they are a part of and can be disturbing little critters unless a special ritual turns them into a lubberkin to watch over their family. Botchlings are a grotesque sight to behold, and the main version of this is in the Bloody Baron quest line of Wild Hunt, and how Geralt deals with the Botchling affects the character development of Phillip Strenger.

2. Pursuits of the Wild Hunt

The driving force of the third game and the antagonists of the upcoming third season of the Netflix series. The Wild Hunt are elves from another world led by Eredin. They are a part of an invasive race of elves driven to conquer other worlds. They hope to do this with Ciri’s elder blood and spend most of the game pursuing her while leaving devastation in their wake. The Wild Hunt appear as spectral beings that can freely alter dimensions and come off like a pack of grim reapers. Until the battle at Kaer Morhen, they could only be evaded without any moments of combat except for their hounds.

1. Geralt’s Famed Hunt of the Striga

Perhaps the most legendary exploit of Geralt of Rivia in the books, video games, and Netflix series is the hunt against the Striga of the Temerian Kingdom. A Striga is a woman cursed to take on the appearance of a murderous monster unless they’re either killed by a witcher or undergo a complicated ritual to release the curse. Geralt’s famed Striga hunt involved the princess born from a scandalous situation and was cursed by a jealous conspirator. After using him as bait, Geralt had an intense battle with the cursed princess and hid in her coffin until dawn to cure her of the curse. Even if the curse is lifted, the damage of the affliction can be permanent.


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