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You Season Four Coming Soon

You Season Four

What to Expect From The Next Season of You

By Mercy Barigboma

You, yes, You will return for the fourth season next month. This is a perfect time if you have yet to see the series. 

You is a psychological thriller television series that premiered on Lifetime on September 9th, 2018, and was later acquired by Netflix. The series is based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes and stars Penn Badgley as the main character, Joe Goldberg. The story follows Joe, a bookstore manager in New York, who becomes obsessed with Guinevere Beck, an aspiring writer. Throughout the first season, Joe uses digital technology and social media to stalk Guinevere and eliminate anyone who seems like an obstacle to his selfish and obsessive romance. 

At the start of the second season, Joe takes on a new identity and moves to Los Angeles to leave his past behind and start anew. He has successfully integrated into his new life and becomes friends with his neighbors Delilah, Ellie Alves, and Forty Quinn. 

In the third season, it appears that Joe has moved past his obsessive tendencies and has married Love (Victoria Pedretti), with whom he has a son named Henry, in the fictional California suburb of Madre Linda. However, Joe can’t outrun his inner demons and repeats the same vicious, obsessive cycle with the next-door neighbor, Natalie Engler. 

With season four coming to the fore, viewers of the captivating series are eager to see two critical questions answered: Does Joe get professional help or does he get a new victim to obsess over? The season promises to be centered more on Joe’s relationship with himself. Overall, You is a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers and those looking for a gripping and suspenseful television series.

What We Know so Far

We know Love is dead and is definitely not returning to be featured in the upcoming season, unless there is a totally unexpected twist where she is alive and comes back for Joe. We know Joe has a son Henry, maybe he gets to play a significant role in the new season. We can see he goes to look for Marienne (his current obsession and former boss) in the previous season. We cannot say for sure where he goes to, maybe London, maybe Paris, but we know Marienne is making an appearance in the next season as we saw in the short clip. There are a couple of speculations on what will happen this new season, but based on how well-written these other past seasons have been, we know the writers of the show (Sera Gamble, Greg Berlanti, and co.) are going to keep us glued to our screens.

Now, What Can We Expect in Season Four? 

During an interview with Collider, Badgley said “The next season could be quite different…I don’t know, but I think it might be more about Joe’s relationship with himself.”

Obsession in a relationship cannot be categorized as love but as a mental illness that presents an overwhelming and obsessive desire to protect and possess another person. The last season explored and traced Joe’s obsession with his relationships to the neglect and abuse he suffered from his mother. As he undergoes couples therapy with his wife, Love, it seems like Joe is finally starting to understand his issues. Will he seek professional help to address his problem?

Weird as it may seem, most of the series’ viewers are rooting for Joe to turn a new leaf and lead a good life; they want him to have a happy ending. Perhaps, we will see this in season four? 

In the You season three finale, Joe leaves Love and runs away to France with Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). This means that he is clearly unwilling to let go of his obsession and instead follows her to Europe, taking a job as a teacher at her university.

You Season Four

What happens when Joe and Marienne are reunited remains to be seen. Joe being a public teacher is the least inconspicuous he’s ever been in his pursuits. Do things end well for Marienne? 

The series is set in London in the teaser trailer, and Joe has somehow become Professor Jonathan Moore. He has now devoted his life to academics and seemingly put his “extracurricular activities” on pause, though Marienne is still on his mind. She appears in the clip along with the rest of the season’s new cast of students, aristocrats, and possible future victims. This leaves a lot of questions on viewers’ minds. Does she run away with Joe to London? Does he find her in Paris? Does she get killed as well? Does he go back to look for his son Henry? All these are questions we are looking forward to getting answers to.

When Will You Season Four Come Out?

Netflix announced its plans to renew the thriller series on October 13th, 2021. Filming for the fourth season began in London on March 22, 2022, with the Netflix team sharing a blood-stained clapperboard from the set on their official Twitter. The tweet excited fans and viewers as this could only mean a thicker and suspense-filled plot – this is Joe Goldberg, after all.

Filming may also have happened in Paris, as that was where we last saw him at the end of season three. 

Netflix announced that You‘s fourth season will be coming to Netflix in two parts. Part one will premiere on February 10th, 2023, followed by part two a month later on March 10th. Apart from the date announcement video, the trailer for You season four has yet to be released. But we’re only about one month out from the Part one premiere, so hopefully, it drops soon. 

Meanwhile, Penn Badgley has also taken on a new role for the upcoming season behind the scenes. In an Instagram post, showrunner Sera Gamble announced that our very own Joe Goldberg is now a director.

“We hired a new director this season, but he seems to know the show really, really well,” she wrote. Back in April, Netflix also shared behind-the-scenes photos of Penn on set.

Throughout the series, Joe’s character arc involves self-discovery and redemption. Initially, he is shown to be deeply troubled and lacking in empathy, as he is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals, including killing anyone in his way.

However, as the series progresses, he begins to confront the truth about his actions and their consequences and begins to understand the harm that he has caused to others. Joe’s struggles with his inner demons force him to confront the reality of his past and its impact on his present. He begins to see the error of his ways and strives to be a better person, although he still struggles with his unhealthy obsessions and destructive behavior. 

Overall, Joe’s character arc is one of transformation and redemption as he tries to come to terms with his past mistakes and work towards becoming a better person. Do we see this in season four? Is this our final ride with Joe Goldberg?

There is no telling whether or not this will be the last and final season of the psychological romance crime thriller You. Does Netflix continue production? Do the show’s writers make any more attempts to keep it going? What could season five explore? Would it be a different and new season with a new cast and characters? If You completely stops for good in season four, it would have been a good run and a good watch.

You Season Four

You (2023) Official Netflix Season Four Trailer

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