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Spider-Men Seen in the Across the Spider-Verse Poster

Across the Spider-Verse

Have You Ever Been so Excited to See so Many Spiders?

After a long wait, fans will finally be getting the long-anticipated sequel to one of the best superhero movies of the past decade. Sony Pictures recently released its first full trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, and it’s everything fans could have hoped for. Along with the return of Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), Spider-Gwen (Hailey Steinfeld), and Peter B. Parker (Jake Johnson), there will also be some exciting newcomers to the gallery of wall crawlers. Fans already knew Spider-Man 2099 would debut, as indicated by the end credits scene of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but there will be plenty of other familiar faces as well.

Two weeks following the trailer launch, Sony dropped a full-size poster of the many Spidey variants fans can expect to see in the movie. There are some familiar faces that fans might have already seen, but also plenty that they haven’t. Spider-Man purists were likely able to identify many of these variants. The following list features fourteen of the heroes. They come from silly stories to dark and monotone universes. Here they are!

1. Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 is one of the most hotly anticipated variants in the upcoming movie because it is one of the most popular variants in the comics. Miguel O’Hara was a skilled geneticist who found himself involved in an illegal genetics experiment. To keep him quiet, he was experimented on and turned into Spider-Man. Like Tobey McGuire’s Spider-Man, O’Hara produces his webs from his body. He also grows large talons on his arms to help climb and destroy things. O’Hara is usually depicted as a hero in the comics, but the trailer for the new movie indicates he may be filling a more antagonistic role. His voice actor Oscar Isaac gave more credence to this notion when he described the character as the Property Damage Spider-Man, due to the destruction he leaves in his wake.

2. Jessica Drew – Spider-Woman

Introducing a popular yet revamped Spider-Man character, Jessica Drew is the Spider-Woman from the comics. Played by the talented Issa Rae, this variant has already generated a lot of buzz from the trailer. She will be the first pregnant superhero on screen, and it’s already being speculated that Peter B. Parker may be the father, seeing as he’s seen dressed as a basic dad for a brief second. Jessica will be seen using a motorcycle as her main form of transportation, but she still has the classic Spidey powers. She can shoot webs from her fingertips, is resistant to certain toxic substances, and in most variations, can glide through the air, although she may not have this attribute this time around.

3. Werewolf Spider-Man 

This Spider-Man variant, seen to the far right of the Japanese poster, somehow became a werewolf on his earth. While the idea is somewhat ridiculous, it’s at the same time practical. There was a Spider-Pig in the previous film, after all. On this earth, Peter Parker, along with various other heroes, became infected with lycanthropy and gained all the supernatural abilities of the mythical creature, as well as retaining his own. With the other infected heroes, this Spider-Man went on a tear across the world and eventually devoured Galactus.

4. Hobart Brown – Spider-Punk

Residing on Earth 138, this variation of the wall-crawler is a revolutionary who fights to the beat of one of the seventies’ most beloved music genres. Comic fans may know the name Hobart Brown as the real identity of The Prowler, although he went by Aaron Davis in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This variant, with a cool denim jacket and some stylish head spikes, led a revolt against President Norman Osborn and his totalitarian regime by taking justice to the streets in true punk fashion with a guitar in hand. It’s not known if Spider-Punk will have a large role in the upcoming film, but likely so if he is being voiced by Daniel Kaluuya. 

5. Patrick O’Hara – Web-Slinger

This variant should be easily identifiable, as he’s the one with the cowboy hat. The Web-Slinger, not to be confused with his medieval counterpart, is a hero of the wild west. He rides a horse named Widow, and they were both bitten by a spider doused in a shamans magic elixir. Patrick has all the same powers as the normal Spider-Man, but he’s also a skilled sharpshooter, in case that wasn’t obvious. Who wouldn’t want to see that on the big screen?

Across the Spider-Verse

6. Pavitr Prabhakar – Spider-Man India

In the comics, Pavitr is usually seen in a basic Spidey suit and white pants, but for this upcoming movie, he’s received a new design for the film with a more modern look. The character can be seen next to Spider-Gwen to the right of Miles’s head. This variation was created in 2005 for a miniseries titled Spider-Man: India but had major comic appearances in comic events such as Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon. However, despite his revamped appearance, it’s unknown how big a part he will play in the upcoming movie as the character does not have a listed voice actor.

7. Ben Reilly – Scarlet Spider

To the left of Miles and the left of Spider-Man 2099 is the most famous Spider-Man variant. Ben Reilly has a complicated past in the comics. He’s an on-again-off-again villain, but he does come back around to the side of good in most interpretations. He’s currently a villain right now though. Ben is easily identified by his trademark darker red mask and a blue hoodie. Fans were given an early spoiler about his involvement in the film when promotional artwork was leaked. Despite his popularity, he may not be playing a pivotal role in the film as he has no named voice actor.

8. Spider Cat

Another easily identifiable variant, this crime-fighting feline first debuted in 2011’s Spider-Island event, which saw everyone in New York receiving the powers of Spider-Man. That being said, he didn’t have too glamorous of a run. The same goes for his second appearance in Spider-Verse, where he was devoured by spider people hunting vampires. Hopefully, this furry little guy has better luck in Across the Spider-Verse.

9. Margo – Spider-Byte

This variant fights crime on a different spectrum where she’s from. Margo comes from a universe where everyone is plugged into a virtual cyberspace. It’s here that the term “web-slinging” takes a whole new meaning as she fights cybercrime as a form of community service. She was first introduced in the 2018 Vault of Spiders miniseries before she is recruited to join a multiversal Spider-Army. Considering that the Across the Spider-Verse trailer shows hundreds of Spider-Men interacting in one dimension, perhaps this is the very same army.

10. Spectacular Spider-Man

Fans will instantly recognize this Spider-Man from the hit 2008 cartoon series of the same name. The Spectacular Spider-Man was an animated series that took everyone by surprise with its quality. It had mature themes, interesting characters, and a fresh take on villains. It was the perfect revival of Spider-Man on the small screen. Sadly, it was canceled within a year. Fans have never given up on this show, though, and have been petitioning for its return ever since.

11. Peter Parker – Prince of Arachne

Does anyone ever wonder what Spider-Man would look like if he was Medieval? This incarnation sees Peter hailing from a noble household in a fairy tale land. After the deaths of Ben and Richard Parker in battle, young Peter is then adopted by Norman Osborn. This soon turns into something of a Cinderella tale, though, as Peter is forced to clean Norman’s castle. That is until he steals a spider-themed suit of honor to win the hand of lady Gwendolyn. However, Norman and his son Harry sought to kill the mysterious night and have Harry take his place. This variant doesn’t seem to have Spidey powers. He’s just a good old-fashioned knight.

12. Julia Carpenter – Spider Woman

This variant can be seen sporting a black mask with prominent blonde hair behind Issa Rae’s afro sporting Jessica Drew in the poster. Unlike most spider people, this crime fighter has had identities as both Spider-Woman and Madame Webb. Julia is the product of genetic enhancement and experimentation by the U.S. government and has served time with the West Coast Avengers and Mystique’s Freedom Force. Like most of the variants on this list, Julia possesses basic Spider-Man powers. However, she is currently Madame Webb in the comics and thus has inherited the psychic powers of Cassandra Webb, the first individual to hold the mantle.

13. Charlotte Webber – Sun Spider

Charlotte Webber (aka Sun Spider) can be seen right under Miles’s right shoulder with a red X on her mask and a backward baseball cap. This one is very unique compared to the rest of the variants on the poster because she is the only one that is physically disabled. Charlotte is wheelchair-bound, but that doesn’t stop her from kicking butt. As Sun Spider, she is a capable fighter who can fight crime with the best of them but needs crutches for stability and mobility. They also shoot webs.

14. Last Stand Spider-Man

If anyone has ever wondered what Spider-Man would be like if he was far darker and grittier, this is the answer. Right between Spectacular Spider-Man and Werewolf Spider-Man in the poster is Last Stand Spider-Man. This variant, dawning a cool leather jacket, was kicked out of the Avengers following his murdering Kraven the Hunter. He then developed a darker personality and punished criminals with harsher malice. Unfortunately for him, his evil ways didn’t last long, as he was eventually killed in a brawl with the New York police.

Across the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) Official Sony Pictures Trailer

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