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A Rundown of James Gunn’s New DCU Slate

DC Universe

James Gunn is Starting From Scratch!

James Gunn officially unveiled the first chapter of his and Peter Safran’s slate of films yesterday, and it may not be what anyone expected. Gunn has always enjoyed exploring obscure and lesser-known characters, and it looks like the new vision of the DC Universe will do just that before diving into the more largely known characters. There will be new projects from Justice League members, though, so fans shouldn’t feel too worried.

This first chapter of the DCU has been titled Gods and Monsters and will be an assortment of films and HBO Max series. The idea is to have multiple kinds of stories told across different genres while still being connected to one cohesive universe. This would require set actors that portray the same characters across live-action, animation, and video games. There will still be unconnected projects as well in what Gunn has titled DC Elseworlds, a domain that Matt Reeve’s The Batman falls under. All other previously announced projects are still heading to theaters and streaming as planned. Here is the new DC Universe slate, as revealed by James Gunn.

1. Creature Commandoes

To start James Gunn’s huge slate is a new animated series about this relatively unknown team of crazy-looking characters led by Rick Flagg Sr. Gunn’s Superman project, which he is currently writing now, will be the official first film to start the new era of DC. But before then, this and one other show will premiere for HBO Max first and will be a part of the new canon. Creature Commandoes is already in production, as Gunn has already finished the scripts for every episode. The characters are Flagg, Dr. Phosphorus, Nina Mazursky, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein (who is said to lead the series), G.I. Robot, and Weasel. Fans may remember this final character from The Suicide Squad, the only member of the team’s first squad to survive the massacre at the beginning of the movie.

2. Waller

For fans of Zack Snyder’s universe that are not ready to see it end, they can rejoice because the second new HBO Max series coming from James Gunn will be set in this universe. Viola Davis will return as Amanda Waller for a new story set between Peacemaker’s first and second seasons, with Christal Henry (Watchmen) and Jeremy Carver (Doom Patrol) at the helm. According to Gunn, any and all cast members from Snyder’s universe are on the table to make returns, except for Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman. Waller will also see the return of characters from Peacemaker. It’s unknown what the series’ official synopsis will be at this time, but the image Gunn used in his presentation shows Waller in handcuffs, so she may be in some manner of trouble.

3. Superman: Legacy

The first official film in James Gunn’s new DC Universe slate will see the return of the boy wonder himself. Set to be released on July 11th, 2025, this Gunn-written (and possibly directed) film will not be an origin story. There have already been plenty of those, after all. It will see Superman grappling with balancing his Kryptonian heritage with his life, having been raised on Earth. What he will represent in this movie is truth, justice, and the American way. The character is described as the personification of kindness in a world where such a thing is fading. Fans who are tired of the basic hero vs. villain concept will be in for a treat as well because Superman: Legacy will be a more in-depth look at a saintly sort of character. It will also explore the many shades of gray in some of DC’s more terrible villains.

4. Lanterns

An HBO Max series starting somewhere after the official beginning of the new DC Gunn universe is a series surrounding the Green Lantern Corp in what is described as a True Detective-type mystery. Famous lanterns Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart will team up in a story that will be crucial to the overall story that the DC Universe is telling. Essentially, they are super-cops in space protecting their precinct, Earth. Not much has been revealed about this series. But based on the True Detective aspect, perhaps it will have something of a noir hard-boiled crime element to it. 

DC Universe

5. The Authority

Now, this movie is said to be a big one in Gunn’s planned long-term story and is one he considers a passion project. The Authority will be unlike any other superhero story seen in theaters before. This film will follow the team for which the name is based, and they’re well-meaning heroes trying to maintain order in a world they consider to be broken. To them, the only way to put it back together again is by taking justice into their own hands, and they’ll do anything necessary to accomplish this task. They’ll kill, topple governments, destroy leaders, etc. Whatever destruction is needed in the name of peace. The characters come from the Windstorm comic imprint that was purchased by DC. All featured characters are on the table to make it into this film. James Gunn himself is writing this project with the help of another writer.

6. Paradise Lost

Gal Gadot’s days as Wonder Woman are still up in the air. Gunn and Safran are still in talks with the actress about a return, but nothing has been finalized yet. Until then, the writing duo are producing a new prequel series about the origins of Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s home. Gunn has described this live-action HBO Max series as being Game of Thrones, but with Amazons. In it, fans will see the ins and outs of politics on Themyscira, like what kind of politics are there, and what will people do for positions of power. Fans shouldn’t expect to see Diana, though. Paradise Lost is said to be set before the characters birth.

7. The Brave and The Bold

This will be Gunn’s version of Batman in his DC Universe, but it won’t just revolve around the Caped Crusader. It will also be the story of Damien Wayne, Batman’s illegitimate son whose existence he didn’t know about for a decade. Damien is the son of Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ras Al Ghul, the head of the League of Assassins. The boy was raised and trained as a ruthless killer his whole life, so crime fighting will be an entirely new journey for him. The Brave and the Bold promises to be an interesting father-son journey and will show Batman in a new light, so fans won’t have to worry about getting a rehashed crime fighter story from the world’s greatest detective. This film will be based on Grant Morrison’s comic book run and will feature many key figures from the Bat Family, a group that Gunn feels has been missing from DC films for far too long.

8. Booster Gold

Another HBO Max series that’s on its way is an adaptation of the popular Booster Gold character. Booster Gold is essentially a loser from the future that travels to the past with the most basic technology from his time to present himself as a superhero. As James Gunn describes it, the show is basically about a hero with imposter syndrome. Both Gunn and Safran are excited to dive into a character who desperately wants to be loved by people and explore what is at the core of what makes him tick. The Booster Gold character has always been interesting in the idea that there can be a loser among superheroes. If there’s anyone who can bring this interesting individual to life, it’s James Gunn.

9. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Superman is not the only Kryptonian that will see a new beginning under James Gunn’s leadership. Supergirl will see her second-ever movie hit the big screen. So far, Gunn and Safran have not picked an actress for the role, but they are not ruling out the idea of Sasha Calle from the upcoming Flash film reprising her role. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will showcase a woman totally different from her cousin. Whereas Clark Kent spent his entire life on Earth in loving arms, Carol Danvers spent the first fourteen years of hers adrift on a chunk of her home world. This movie will be based on Tom King’s comic book run and will show a Carol whose experiences growing up were much harsher, being forced to watch everyone she ever knew die. Because of this, she will be a little messed up.

10. Swamp Thing

For fans that loved the 2019 Swamp Thing series before it was unfortunately canceled, they’re in luck because the character will be returning, this time to the big screen. However, they shouldn’t get their hopes up that it will be the same iteration. This new film seems to be more of a prequel and will focus on the dark origins of Swamp Thing. The film will be completely different from anything else on the DC Universe slate because it will be a horror movie. If Marvel has been looking to get into the genre, then Gunn and Safran may be looking to give them a run for their money.

DC Universe

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