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Adam Driver’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Film 65

Adam Driver's Upcoming Sci-Fi

It's Adam Driver In An Epic Prehistoric Movie!

65 is an upcoming Science Fiction thriller getting theatrically released on March 10, 2023. Adam Driver, known for his roles in The Last Duel, House of Gucci, and Star Wars as Kylo Ren, will play a soldier surviving on a planet inhabited by dinosaurs. He is accompanied by a young girl who he’s trying to protect while finding a way to escape the planet.


65 promises to engage the audience in another thrilling adventure with suspenseful moments against perilous creatures. Because the setting is meant to be a prehistoric Earth 65 million years ago, the main threat encountered is a massive tyrannosaurus like dinosaur with raptors and pterosaurs. Think of this movie as a futuristic version of Jurrasic Park.

Films Made by Similar Producers


Scott Beck and Bryan Woods are the producers and directors of 65. Before this film, they worked together on a multitude of projects. From the horror anthology 50 States of Fright to Haunt. Their biggest and most acclaimed film together is A Quiet Place, one of the few films they worked on that gets a direct follow-up sequel.


Many of their films have a unique style of traditionally building suspense throughout the film, revealing whatever the main threat is in the middle or early on and building the tension around it with a rich group of characters. A Quiet Place is best known for having a unique alien monster that always feels present due to its response to sound. Taking this approach for 65 would make the dinosaur attacks and stalking scenes suspenseful. 

Movies And Other Media That Are Similar To 65


Before 65 comes out, the idea of futuristic humans with spaceships landing on a dinosaur-inhabited planet has existed as a film concept before. Planet of Dinosaurs is a 1977 Sci-fi film that shows a crew of space travelers that crash-landed on a planet full of dinosaurs from Stegosaurus to T-rex. Where it differs from 65 is the special effects. All the dinosaurs are done with well-made stop-motion models and effects.

There are video games where players are taken to a world full of dinosaurs from the Turok series where they were ravenous predators. They make a prominent appearance in the survival game Ark: Survival Evolved, where players can tame them as partners and mounts. In the hunting game series Carnivores, a large roster of vicious dinosaurs are targets for players on an alien world.

Does Scientific Accuracy Matter In Movies Featuring Dinosaurs?


65 is yet another cinematic portrayal of dinosaurs as savage monstrous predators hellbent on devouring any human in their territory. The T-rex shown is not accurate to any modern science and is essentially a dragon-like monster in everything but name only. The raptors, known to be fully feathered, are shown mostly scaly with uncanny intelligence, similar to their portrayal in Jurassic Park.


While there is no clear way for scientists to know how dinosaurs would behave, their modern relatives and descendants give a good idea of certain things. Documentaries such as 2022’s Prehistoric Planet are the best at showing dinosaurs as animals. For the sake of entertainment, movies like Jurassic Park have done the opposite, portraying most of their meat-eating dinosaurs as over-persistent, always roaring killer monsters.


Many of these thrilling films benefit from non-accurate depictions of animal behavior to enforce the tension and suspense of a scene. After all, nothing is scarier than a starving creature that’s unpredictable. For an educational dive into dinosaur behavior, documentaries are a better platform for them, and movies are better off portraying dinosaurs as fearsome obstacles.


As such, 65 takes clear liberties with the portrayal of their dinosaur antagonists. Stills from the trailers show the movie will have Adam Driver’s character fighting through adversity for survival. The CGI shown in the trailer is impressive, and the dinosaurs are obscured enough to hold the action until the film is released. 


The atmosphere in the trailer maintains tension and suspense since the planet can hide many dangers for the survivors to face. Overall the movie has a feel of a high-budget Asylum film that features CGI dinosaurs and absurd plotlines. This is bound to make the movie a fun ride, at least.

65 (2023) Official Sony Pictures Trailer

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