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‘Target’ Coming Soon to Streaming


A Bullseye Comedy!

By Elisabeth McGowan

Target will be coming to a video-on-demand streaming service in the spring of 2023. The post-pandemic sexual comedy will be distributed exclusively by Dead Talk Media, starring Nick Gregory, Jam Murphy, Philip Stoddard, and Tony Daniels. The film was first presented at the Thymele Arts in Los Angeles in October 2022. 

The movie focuses on married couple Nick (Gregory) and Laura (Murphy), who want to spice up their sex life by inviting more people into their bed. Once Laura picks one young man to have fun with, the comical storyline becomes a whirlwind of hilarity and chaos. 

This is Thomas G. Waites’ directorial debut, as he is famous for his acting roles in The Thing, The Warriors, and 6:45, in addition to television roles in Law & Order and Oz

In his September 2022 appearance on Dead Talk Live, Waites opened up about his work as an actor, independent director, composer, producer, and writer. Clearly, the Homeland alum is a hard worker in showbiz.


Waites recalled a strong piece of advice he once received from the reigning award-winning actor Al Pacino: “He said, ‘just because they say “cut,” don’t stop the scene.’” In our interview with the accomplished actor, Waites also credited highly acclaimed directors John Carpenter and Norman Jewison for encouraging actors to experiment with different techniques, and just to let go and have fun. 

Since he is the brains behind Target, audiences can expect countless laughs from the upcoming film. 

The strong cast of 2023’s Target has also been in the business for quite some time. Gregory is known for his roles in Love Thy Neighbor and Macbeth in Manhattan, as well as his role in the series Another World. As for leading lady Murphy, she has worked in various sectors of the industry, including modeling and theatre, having appeared in the short film Lake Pluto and the feature Noir

Now that at-home viewers have been keeping up with the latest rom-coms, Target will give them a breath of fresh air with witty and modern humor.


“Target” (2023) Official TGW Studios Trailer

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