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Netflix’s The Night Agent Rings On March 23


Will Someone Answer That? The Emergency Details You Need To Know About Netflix’s New Thriller

Gabriel Basso is catapulted into a web of lies and secrets in Netflix’s new political conspiracy thriller, The NIght Agent; as the emergency phone in his White House basement office,  that is not supposed to ring, starts ringing off the hook on March 23rd. 

Who’s Going To Answer That?

Netflix and showrunner Shawn Ryan (Timeless), along with MiddKid Productions, team up to bring author Matthew Quirk’s wild thriller to the screen. Adapted as a series, viewers are in for a destructive and secret-filled adventure. Shawn Ryan will be pulling double duty, also serving as the show’s executive producer. Gabriel Basso stars as Peter, a seemingly bottom-rung FBI agent who has to watch the emergency phone that never rings at his basement desk in the White House. The short but tense trailer reveals Basso’s Peter arriving to work one evening, business as usual. He even starts doing paperwork. Then the unthinkable happens. The phone rings. With quick reflexes, he answers it, and viewers, along with Peter, are catapulted into a web of lies and secrets they never knew existed. While unraveling this tightly wound thread of covert information, Peter is given the task to aid and protect Rose. A blossoming tech CEO that mysteriously lost her aunt and uncle by assassination. Luciane Buchanan, seen in The New Legends of Monkey and Stray straps in to play Rose. 


A Twisted Web Of Secrets

The Night Agent’s trailer amps up, and speeds to the finish, as gunfire and explosions abound. Playing over the chaos, a knowing voice eerily tells FBI agent Peter: “This runs deeper than you realize, and farther than you can imagine.” How high up the ladder will Peter have to go? Netflix’s The Night Agent keeps the high-octane action going with the rest of its cast. Basso and Buchanan are joined by Hong Chau, Enrique Murciano, and DB Woodside. As the President’s Chief of Staff, the leader of the Secret Service, and a returning Secret Service agent looking to prove himself again. The series will be bringing in an impressive array of episode directors as well. Seth Gordon (previously produced The Lost City and Directed Four Christmases), Guy Ferland, Ramaa Mosley, Adam Arkin, and Millicent Shelton will take the helm during the series inaugural season. 

Netflix Has A Twisted Hit On Its Hands

While Hollywood, and streaming services seem to be looking more and more to authors to nab new ideas, it looks like Netflix might have another hit on their hands with the series adaptation of Matthew Quirk’s novel: The Night Agent. Will readers be hailing its praises? Or pointing out its missing pieces? At 432 pages, Netflix has a monumental story to go off of! 

Netflix streamers can start devising their theories with the trailer below, and see how well it stands on March 23rd.


The Night Agent (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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