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First Look at Netflix’s Unstable


Inside the Upcoming Dysfunctional Family Comedy

Netflix is releasing its upcoming comedy series Unstable on March 30th! With its two star players, Rob Lowe and his son John Owen Lowe, the movie is expected to win over the hearts of many from the comfort of their couches this Spring. 

The story follows the socially shy Jackson Dragon (Owen Lowe) as he works for his confident, narcissistic father, Ellis Dragon (Lowe) at his high-tech research facility to help him stay in check following the death of his late wife. The father-son duo characters butt heads throughout the show, and viewers will get an extra kick out of the fact that the two leading men are, in fact, father and son in reality. 

Lowe and his son also serve as executive producers on the series. 

The first look inside the witty show conveys the two actors hilariously bickering, which is presumably their real-life father-son dynamic. 

After introducing himself in the sneak peek teaser, Lowe explained that he worked with his son but gave Owen Lowe’s character a different name because they “didn’t want to confuse America.” 


“Ellis Dragon is increasingly unstable, hence the title. You see what we did there?” the Oxford Blues actor explained. “The board of the company is worried about his mental capacity, and his son is the only person who can really reach his father.” 

Owen Lowe chimed in to describe the characters’ dynamic as “very relatable, but under a really specific lens, which is a father who loves being the center of attention and his son, who feels the exact opposite.” 

The series’ plot was reportedly inspired by Owen Lowe’s public social media trolling of his dad. However, neither he nor Lowe has confirmed this claim.

Unstable consists of eight half-hour-long episodes. There is currently no news whether or not the studio is contemplating a second season. However, Netflix has recently made headlines for canceling multiple shows after just one season, mostly because they weren’t on the Top 10 list, according to multiple outlets. 

Nevertheless, the cast and crew behind Unstable look anything but uncertain about their charming new show. 

Unstable is scheduled for its streaming premiere on March 30th via Netflix. 

Unstable (2023) Official Netflix Teaser Trailer

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