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The Consultant Brings Terror To The Workplace

The Consultant

How Far Will One go to Get Ahead?

After a failed merger and the abrupt disappearance of their CEO, CompWare, a top mobile gaming company, does what any good young tech enterprise does – they bring in a consultant. While Christoph Waltz’s Regus Patoff does stick to the rules like a customary adviser, his sinister motives soon start to reveal themselves. 

Amazon Prime Brings In The Big Guns To Save CompWare 

Academy Award Winner Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained), teams up with Amazon Studios and MGM Television to bring audiences heart pounding suspense and undisclosed secrets that can only be whispered about at the water cooler. The Consultant doesn’t stop at Waltz with its impressive cast and crew. Tony Basgallop, a writer for M. Night Shyamalan’s recently completed horror thriller, Servant on Apple Plus, Andrew Mittman, a producer for smash musical hit, Elvis, and Netflix sensation, Wednesday, and Steve Stark also of Wednesday fame, as well as The Handmaid’s Tale. Amazon Prime even brought in some Marvel talent to bring some producing power to The Consultant: Matt Shakman, director of WandaVision, and the period piece, The Great. Christoph Waltz will also be executive producing, along with starring as the quirky, menacing Regus Patoff. 

A Dark Comedy Thriller Brings The Tension To Prime Video

The Consultant trailer wastes no time with ice breaker games as it hurtles viewers and the employees of CompWare into the dark unknown. No rundowns or quarterly reports here. More bar fights, bodies in trunks, and people in animal masks. Starting off with a bang and the hasty departure of their CEO, Christoph Waltz appears with his winning smile and an uber creepy vibe. After coming up empty on the internet regarding Regus Patoff’s identity, and only a trail of bodies in his wake from past companies he’s consulted for, CompWare employees soon realize it’s giving sociopath. 

The Consultant

These Employees Are A Force To Be Reckoned With

Regus Patoff might think he has this mobile gaming company in his grasp but The Consultant made sure to stack its cast too! Brittany O’ Grady (White Lotus, Sometime I Think About Dying) plays Elaine, the worker who first picks up that something is terribly wrong with this newcomer and takes lead on them getting out with their paychecks, and their lives. The Stand and Kill Team‘s Nat Wolff, as Craig, joins O’ Grady’s Elaine and attempts to infiltrate Patoff out of the office and in, almost at the expense of his mortality. 

Who Will Survive? Who Will Get A Paycheck? 

The Consultant‘s teaser only gives viewers a glimpse of the menacing alternative methods that Regus Patoff throws upon this blossoming gaming company. But it is enough to send the viewer’s minds wandering, and pulse racing. What is his true motive? Who will get out alive? Will they get their paycheck? Not even Patoff knows, as he chillingly tells Elaine, “I won’t be here forever, I’m only the consultant.” 

Audiences can find out who gets let go, and how, for themselves, starting February 24th, with all eight episodes dropping on Prime Video. 

The Consultant

The Consultant (2023) Official Prime Video Trailer

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