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The Strays Coming To Netflix Tomorrow!


You Can't Outrun The Past

By Elke Simmons

Get ready for The Strays, a cerebral, psychological thriller starring Ashley Madekwe and Justin Salinger. This British film is written and directed by Nathaniel Martello-White. The Strays is his first-time feature debut. Nathaniel Martello-White has a surprising resume, including The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2, Cla’am, a dark comedy about a man who believes there is a conspiracy about the gentrification of his area of London, and now The Strays. 

The film starts with our heroine, Cheryl, a black London mummy who runs away from her life because she is not happy currently. Years later, the audience finds her again when she changes her name to Neve. Neve is a beautiful, elegant woman who wakes up in her perfect home, opens her perfect closet, puts on her perfect clothes, and enjoys her perfect suburb of London. But, we all know that perfection doesn’t exist, and for Neve, whatever perfection she thought she had won’t last. 

She soon begins to believe that two people who don’t fit in are following her around London. Neve begins to question her sanity. It starts to make her paranoid, and her friends and family don’t believe her. Neve is a deputy headmistress at her children’s private school and is involved in charities. Yet, despite all of this perfection and the highly-held respect from her community, she still feels like she doesn’t quite fit in. 


The audience sees all she works so hard to keep and wonders, is this obsession with her followers a manifestation of her feelings of not fitting into her community even as everything else fits in perfectly? The perfect house, hair, clothing, job, and more Is all this perfection another part of her bid to fit in? Are the two shadow people hanging around her neighborhood there to remind her of who she is? Does all of this suggest that she is embarrassed about who she is, either culturally, physically, or socially?

It’s interesting to note, The Strays has an accomplished British cast. Ashley Madekwe, playing Neve Williams, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the Royal Academy of Performing Arts in London. One of her first major performances was in the 2007 film Cassandra’s Dream, directed by Woody Allen. Madekwe has already been nominated for a BAFTA  award for Best Supporting Actress, and the British Independent Film Awards nominated her for a Best Supporting Actress award. 

Justin Salinger, playing Neve’s husband, has played roles in Everest (2015), Enduring Love (2004), and Hitler: the Rise and Fall (2003), where he plays Dr. Joseph Goebbels. Salinger attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Director Nathaniel Martello-White has written and directed five films, including The Strays

Watch The Strays on Netflix; February 22nd, 2023.


The Strays (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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