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“Christmas Bloody Christmas” Star Sam Delich Slays on DTL!


Sam Delich on His Frightfully Festive Season

In a previous episode of Dead Talk Live, Christmas Bloody Christmas cast member Sam Delich talked about all things frightfully festive behind the film. 

Delich portrayed the supporting character Robbie Reynolds, who is attracted to his friend and record store owner, Tori Tooms (Riley Dandy). After the two spend some alone time together, they eventually realize that an animatronic Santa Claus malfunctioned after being recalled, and is now on a killing spree. 

One by one, the robot Santa takes down another innocent victim, and Torie and Robbie must quickly figure out how to escape this violent Christmas Eve. 

The movie was well received by critics and horror fans alike for its bold choices and gripping ending. What a bright time, indeed.


When asked how he embodied his character, Delich recalled reading the script with a former partner, who told him, “Holy f—k, Sam, this is you!” 

“There’s a lot of Robbie in me,” he explained. “I’m not as hard drinking and swearing as he is, but I think I have a naturally high kind of energy as a human, and I tried to bring as much of that to Robbie as possible.” 

Delich and Dandy needed to build a strong foundation to establish their characters’ romantic and friendly connection, so the actor described how he and his co-star developed their onscreen chemistry. 

“I never met her until the day before we started shooting,” Delich admitted. “I even think our sex scene was day three or something. But we instantaneously hit it off, just like fast friends.” 

In case you missed Delich’s episode on DTL, check out the full interview below to learn more about the bloody winter wonderland of a film he starred in. 

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