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The Mandalorian Returns to Disney+


This is The Way!

Grogu and the Mandalorian are back going on more adventures throughout a galaxy far, far away. With this, there are a lot of questions surrounding this upcoming season. How will Grogu and the Mandalorian’s relationship change? Who will ultimately end up in possession of the dark saber? Will Din be forgiven for his choices and actions? Will Grogu learn more about his powers? What about Moff Gideon? Will Cad Bane make another appearance? What other characters will make an appearance? 

You Have Something I Want

The Mandalorian did a great job of exploring the already very well established Star Wars world while telling different stories outside of the Skywalker saga and main characters we have been following since the 70s. Following a new and unknown character breathed new life into the franchise. In addition to this, the show’s simple premise of Din’s life as a bounty hunter and eventually trying to get Grogu to a Jedi works well. The formula of one offs and one episode adventures work well to drive the overall Grogu plot while showcasing different parts of the galaxy. 


I Can Bring You in Warm, or I Can Bring You in Cold

The Mandalorian is a very interesting character that has a lot of depth and isn’t very connected to a lot of the pre established events throughout the canon. The Mandalorian has also done a great job of filling in some gaps after Return of the Jedi. He is of few words, a bit dark, and not very attached to the Jedi with his own strong morals and beliefs. It is thought provoking to see someone’s ideals outside of the Jedi and Sith. His arc of starting out as a cold bounty hunter to essentially adopted father figure is done very well. Due to this, one wonders how much more Jedi we will see in connection to Grogu’s past or any other Star Wars characters.

The show is simple and smaller scale, but the stakes still feel very high and the action is done very well because of its influence taken from westerns and samurai films. Pedro Pascal is great as Din Djarin. 

He Means More to Me Than You’ll Ever Know

This season seems as if it will focus on Din finding more of his kind by going to Mandalore because he is seeking forgiveness for his past actions. In the trailer we also see Peli Motto, hear what sounds to be a big general threat, more Jedi, R2D2, Mandalorians, and of course baby Grogu. 

The Mandalorian season 3 is streaming on Disney+ on March 1st, 2023.


The Mandalorian (2023) Official Star Wars Trailer

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