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Something Is Killing The Children Announcement

Something is Killing the Children

Award Winning Comic Series Gets Deal With Netflix

Dark and 1899 creators, Baran Bo Oder, and Jantje Friese, land a new deal with Netflix to bring award winning horror comic, Something Is Killing The Children, to the big streamer. Supposedly, a grand eight figure deal has been made to pair the award winning writers with the award winning comic already loved by millions. Boom! Studios! who also have a current deal with Netflix, will be executive producing, along with the comic’s authors, Tynion and Dell’Edera. 

Missing Children, Monstrosities, & A Mysterious Heroine

The eerie comic tracks the residents of a small town called Archer’s Peak that’s tormented by monsters that eat the children. Most of the children go missing, but few return. The ones that do, tell tales that  are made of nightmares. All seems hopeless until a conqueror comes to their rescue that can see the monstrosities too. Their heroine goes by the name Erica Slaughter and her mysterious abilities are the town’s only hope.

Something is Killing the Children

Netflix Lands An Award Winning Story & Directors 

In a sea of Marvel and DC comics gracing every screen, Something Is Killing The Children brings its own popularity, not only with multiple Eisner awards under its belt, but the numbers and its spin off series, House of Slaughter selling more than 500,000 copies of its first issue. Something Is Killing The Children has also received the 2022 Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series, selling over two million copies worldwide. Pair these stats with Baran Bo Oder and Jantje Friese’s success with Dark winning for Best Writing Fiction at the German Television Awards, and Netflix seems to have made quite the match that will bring in comic readers and horror streamers alike. 

The creators of the massive multi language mystery thriller, 1899 have surprisingly returned to work with Netflix again, after 1899 was canceled quickly upon the release of its first season, despite its continuing popularity. Perhaps the already established fandom that Tynion and Dell’Edera have created with Something Is Killing The Children will keep the series around for multiple seasons!

Something is Killing the Children

Something is Killing the Children (2019)

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